Get Your Compensation For Work-Related Injuries In Humble, TX In A Few Easy Steps

Sickness can come at any time, and accidents can also happen in the workplace. However, medical bills with sickness or injuries can create a lot of stress in the life of a patient who is already in pain and mostly out of a job. This is why many Texas organizations now keep compensation insurance in place. 

If you are looking for a clinic to avail your workers compensation in Humble, Texas, you can visit Calvary Urgent Care. They provide professional and high-quality medical treatment for injuries or sickness that is work-related and covered in your compensation insurance plan. 

What types of injuries or diseases are covered under compensation insurance?

If you call in for sick leave due to a disease that you caught while having dinner with your family, it will not be covered for treatment under worker compensation. Only work-related sickness becomes a part of such plans. Some of the conditions that are covered under worker compensation insurance in Humble, Texas are:

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome is an injury caused by repetitive motion of hands.
  • Inhalation of toxic chemicals or smoke at the workplace. 
  • Occupational diseases include asthma, chemical poisoning, or inhalation lung diseases. 
  • Infectious diseases are caused by handling of various microorganisms. 
  • Disease risk to health care workers.
  • Fall injuries like fractures.
  • Muscle injuries caused by overexertion at work.
  • Motor vehicle accidents or accidents caused by the use of machinery at work. 

Process of getting worker compensation claim in Humble, TX

In Texas, worker compensation insurance is not compulsory but is taken at the will of private employers. So, to claim for a work-related medical condition, you have to first confirm from your employer whether such a claim is available in their organization or not. 

If you are covered under workers compensation insurance, you need to do the following to get your claim for medical treatment:

  1. First, inform your employer regarding your injury or illness. You have to provide this information within a month, preferably within a couple of days. 
  2. You will then choose a doctor who is covered in the network of the worker insurance claim. 
  3. After which, you will file for an Employee’s claim under the insurance for work-related injury compensation. 
  4. This form has to be filed within a year after your injury or occupational illness diagnosis.
  5. If your claim gets denied, you will have to challenge this decision and will mostly require the help of a worker’s compensation lawyer. 

In Humble, TX, workers’ compensation can only be availed if your healthcare provider confirms that the injury or illness has occurred due to a work-related accident only. 

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