Get to Know the 5 Best Submersible Water pumps in Kenya

Meta description: whilst the cost of a pump is worth pondering, it’s also crucial to deliberate on the most adequate brand when selecting a considerable pump for your borehole. This article will focus on the most preferred water pump brands in Kenya, and their peculiarities that inscribe their uniqueness in various aspects.

The Five Basic Water Pump Brands in Kenya

Purchasing a water pump calls for profound considerations since it can be a daunting task. Supposedly, one has to be more adept and well-versed before makinga purchase. The various water pump brands utterly hinge on the lifespan cost, and their potency in executing tasks.

Pedrollo Pumps

These are the commonly used water pumps in Kenya, and interestingly, their reliability and quality have been affirmedand confirmed to be more yielding. Pedrollo pumps are widely used for farming, garden watering, and outdoor tank refilling. Because of their lucrativeness, Pedrollo water pumps are hence known to have a long life, low ownership cost, and above all, low energy requirements; due to these facets, Pedrollo pumps highly disintegrates from the other Water Pumps in Kenya.

Grundfos Pumps

Grundfos pumps are a unique set of water pumps that offersoothing to their users by confining the use of energy when in performance. Grundfos pumps are present globally because of their formidable characteristics that beckon users locally and worldwide. Like the Grundfos pumps,these Water Pumps in Kenya are submerged in groundwater for purposes of pumping water upwards.

Submersible Dayliff Pumps

Dayliff pumps offer intense water supply, irrigation, and transfer of liquids. These pumps are formulated for perpetual duty in industrial, and commercial facilities. Additionally, Dayliff pumps are lubricated using water and sealed with a standard mechanical cartridge. They are replenished entirely with BSP threaded internally counter flanges.

Dayliff pumps consist of essential stainless steel elements in touch with water which are suitable for immensely pumping mineralized corrosive water; these components include: bottom and top housing, impellers, shaft, and intermediate chambers.

CRI pumps

Exhibiting high echelons of technology, C.R.I pumps have unleashed their high-quality performances because of their splendid features. Interestingly, the C.R.I pumps are a derivative of the mastery acquired from an experience of over 50 years of producing more than 1500 distinct sorts of pumps and motors that are contrived to an embodiment.

Indisputably, they cater to all the necessities of the water industry, and hence heralded as well-known globally.


Certainly, these largely used pumps usesolar energy to pump water,and through this, sustainability becomes inevitable. Lorentz pumps are well adjusted to adverse environments, and thus more efficient and reliable. Nevertheless, these pumps are sold through well-informed, trained, and trusted partners who are capable of meeting local customers’ needs.

In a nutshell, the efficacy of water pumps highly banks on a brand in respect to its tolerance and countenance in minimizing the cost of energy, and the cost of ownership in general. Evidently, choosing a pump is anextremely imperative step in obtaining merit out of your borehole.

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