Get a Hair Transformation with Temporary Hair Extensions

Having long and luscious hair is every woman’s dream. But not all women are fortunate enough to have naturally dense and long hair. There can be several genetic factors and other external factors that affect your hair density. Hair density is calculated taking into account the number of hair strands growing per square inch of your scalp.

However, if you don’t have long and dense hair like the Disney princess Rapunzel, you can always find an alternative such as clip in hair extensions, hair transplants or wigs. Some are invasive, and some are non-invasive methods. If you want to stay away from an invasive procedure, clip in hair strands is the best solution for you.

If you haven’t tried artificial hair extensions before, there is a lot that you need to know before making your first hair extension purchase. So, scroll down to get answers to the most commonly asked questions about clip in hair extension.

What do hair extensions do to your hair?

As the name suggests, hair extensions are used to add volume and length to your hair. It instantly creates a fresh look and what you see in the mirror is a new you with fuller and shinier hair. The best thing about temporary hair extensions is that you can attach and remove them whenever you want. There is no hassle, no worry to clean your hair extensions. Unlike certain other products, you do not need glue to fix them on your scalp. A clip in hair extension comes with a clip that you can attach to your natural hair strands and adjust them according to the appearance you want to create.

What are clip hair extensions made of?

Clip in hair extensions are made of natural human hair of the finest quality. Hundreds of hair strands are placed together in a strip to form one set of clip hair extensions. If you order a box of clip hair extensions from a store, you would probably find six to 10 clip sets in a box.

Can you find variety in hair extensions?

Temporary hair extensions have become so popular in all parts of the country and the world that you can easily find a variety of them. You can find different hair textures, colours, lengths, and styles. If you want to go for an unconventional look, you could choose a hair extension of a colour or hair pattern different from your natural hair.

What should be the preferred hair quality to look for when buying hair extensions?

The finest quality of hair that a hair professional suggests to look for when buying hair extensions is Remy. It is one of the most preferred hair because of its silky smooth texture and tangle-free properties. These hair extensions always look fresh, shiny and have a prolonged lifespan.

How much do clip-in hair extensions cost?

It depends greatly on the quality of hair and the quantity of clip hair extension sets you buy. If you purchase a box of hair extensions, you will get about 6 to 10 packs in it, which would approximately cost you anywhere between $300 to $500. If you go for a premium quality hair extension like Remy, you will have to spend more than $400.

So, what are you waiting for? Find the best platforms on the Internet and buy a set of clip hair extensions to get fuller and healthy hair.

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