Garbage Disposal Repair, How Much Does it Cost?


Repairing your garbage disposal is not always a DIY thing. The problem can be more complicated than expected, and in some cases, you need some tools that you may not have at home. You need to consider how much the repair costs before contacting a plumber.

One truth is the price of fixing garbage disposal varies, given that the cause of the problem may not be the same, and each problem may require more expertise and time to fix. Often, the price of fixing garbage disposal is calculated on these factors.

This article will examine the different problems you may be facing with your garbage disposal. With that, we can understand the standard pricing for each. Contact a professional here and request a quotation for a more specific price.

Kindly know that this article will only provide you with basic information on the price for repair, and your plumber may charge a little higher or lower depending on their pricing. However, you can prepare accordingly with this information provided.

Garbage disposal problems and the cost of fixing them

 Garbage disposal is jammed

When you flush hard materials that simply cannot pass down the sink without causing more problems, your garbage disposal may get jammed. It is important to know that the garbage disposal does not work like a blade that can cut down anything. Hence, it is important to always remove solid materials from the water.

Fixing this problem may cost about $100 or a little above, depending on the company you contacted for help. Note that repairing this does not naturally empower your garbage disposal to cut down the next solid materials; it only helps remove the clog and put the disposal back into its initial functioning stage. Hence, it is important to not repeat the same mistake if you do not want to keep paying for the repair.

When garbage disposal doesn’t have power

A functioning garbage disposal simply means that it is properly connected to the electricity. However, this is not always the case. Hence, it is possible to duly connect the unit and find out that it is not working.

When you connect your garbage disposal and inspect the plug to see if it is connected, but you find out that it is not working, you need to call a plumber to look and repair it.

In some cases, it may be a problem with the unit, and in others, it may be that the kitchen switch is now working properly. You are likely to spend about $200 on this, whatever the case.

Since this can be a little dangerous, ensure that you do not attempt to fix this problem yourself unless all required is checking if the plug is properly connected or if the switch is on.

 Garbage disposal is leaking

A faulty garbage disposal can affect cooking and frustrate your presence in the kitchen. For instance, a leaking garbage disposal can dampen the whole place and result in incessant cleaning. Hence, it is a problem that must be taken care of immediately. If you start to notice water dripping immediately you run the garbage disposal. There is a high chance that the unit is leaking and needs to be fixed.

The first thing is not to call a plumber for help since there are a few DIY tips you may try out and save some bucks. For instance, you can try tightening all the bolts connected to the garbage disposal to see if the leaking stops.

Where the above step does not resolve the problem, you should consider replacing the seal. You can also try this by yourself and see if you get it right. If you cannot, contact a plumbing company near you for a quick fix.

Clogged kitchen drain

Another problem that should be considered is a clogged kitchen drain that usually causes your sink to overflow when you try to run the garbage disposal. Repairing this is important for functional garbage disposal.

While fixing a clogged kitchen drain can be done at home using a plunger, where the problem affects the garbage disposal, you need professional help to get it fixed. For this, you may need to spend about $200 because unclogging the drain and freeing the garbage disposal requires expertise and can be more time-consuming than expected.


Preventing the garbage disposal from developing problems is more beneficial than spending on the repair. This appliance is an important part of every kitchen. Maintaining it is an important step to having a smell-free kitchen and flushing out wasted food and bacteria with ease.

Hence, taking steps that prevent the unit from developing faults is a good solution to help you save a lot of money. For instance, washing oil and grease off with soapy water is more practical than using ordinary water. This is because oil does not mix with water; hence, flushing it down the drain can cause the sink to clog, which may affect the garbage disposal.

You should also consider replacing the garbage disposal if it starts to develop more problems. Since the price of installing a new unit is around $400, it is logical to replace it completely instead of fixing it for $200. You should consider replacing it if you are dealing with old garbage disposal or where the seal is worn out.

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