Games You Can Play and Earn From In India

Top 10 Money Earning Games in India

Games are excellent stress relievers and are good for the mind. India has everything from kid’s games to parties and sports games. Websites and mobile applications usually offer a game or more for you to play. From Poker to Racing games, from Roulette to Ludo Empire, they are all entertaining and can help you earn some money.

This post offers the top 10 games you can play in India. These games not only bring fun and entertainment but can still earn you good money.

  • Dream 11

Dream 11 is one of the most popular games to earn money in India because it is a fantasy cricket gaming app. Each player can make money from the app by choosing their cricket team and selecting different players. Before every match, users select sets of players to play based on the opponents given. Whichever player can select the best possible team for every match scenario wins each game with huge cash prizes.

Cash prizes are also given based on a ranking system, and different players can earn money from an individual game. Dream 11 is very popular during the cricket seasons, World series, and Test series competitions. It also has famous brand ambassadors like Jasprit Bumrah, Rohit Sharma, Shikhar Dhawan, Hardik Pandya, and Rishabh Pant. You can earn from Dream 11 when you play here.

  • Mobile Premier League

The Mobile Premier League (MPL) is a pool of games with real cash prizes, including over 60 games. It served as the official host of Royal Challengers Bangalore in the 2020 Indian Premier League season and is well-known by several cricket supporters.

You only need to download the game online to play any of the 60 games from the mobile Premier League. Furthermore, you will enjoy several games with various modes, such as 1vs. 1, tournament, and challenge modes. In addition, popular games like fantasy cricket and 8-ball pool are available on the MPL.

  • Junglee Rummy

With more than 30 million registered gamers, Junglee Rummy is one of India’s most reputable and well-known cash-earning games. The app offers a detailed, immersive gaming experience with fantastic features and top security. However, that’s not even the amazing part. Junglee Rummy also provides rapid and efficient customer care 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The game provides competitions like tournaments and one vs. one scenario that gives users a chance to make money. The Rummy game also provides 13, 21, and 10-card varieties. In addition, players may play rummy for real cash on tables with varying boots.

  • GetMega

GetMega is a well-known site owned by Megashots Internet Pvt Ltd. Using a secure payment process and user-friendly design; you can play games and win cool cash prizes. Players are often allowed 100% cash back on their initial deposits, and several cashback options are also provided.

The site is available 24 hours for players with an impressive and reliable customer service system. You can play games of the board, sports, and casino variety. Overall, this site gives a full gaming experience; you get payments after each win.

  • Ludo Empire

Ludo Empire is another epic cash-earning game. With more than one million active users daily, it doesn’t lack enjoyment and excitement. It provides a secure network for playing ludo games and staking real money. There are also tournaments for players to compete and win even larger cash prizes. Exciting features like gaming history, a leaderboard, and quick payment methods make it a treat.

  • Sikandar Ji

Sikandar Ji is another lucrative game to look out for. To play, you have to download the game that offers up to five different games that can earn you money. On its first few days of launch, it gathered over 10k+ downloads and got several positive reviews. Its detailed features, like a practice mode, where you can learn the trades of each game, and in-app chatting make it one to enjoy.

  • Paytm First Games

Paytm first is a gaming platform created by Paytm for playing a collection of games to earn Paytm currency. This Paytm money can be converted to real cash after winnings. The gaming network provides at least a hundred games with Battle Royal modes, regular casino games, and casual board games like chess, ludo, and others. You can save your winnings in your Paytm account.

  • Winzo

Winzo is a popular multi-gaming real money platform in India. Its players can make a lot of money by playing games like Poker, Chess, Ludo, Rummy, Fantasy cricket, and so many others.

Players can stake real cash using payment methods such as online banking and a UPI. A Winzo wallet is provided to play any game, and a single wallet can serve several games. In addition, Winzo has Interesting game modes like the Normal Tournament, Team Tournament, and Winzo Baazi.


This is another gaming app filled with several enjoyable cash-earning games. While playing any game, you must fulfill various tasks to win tickets. These tickets act like currency for entering tournaments to win real money.

With some entertaining games come weekly missions. You’re also allowed to invite your friends to participate to win more tickets. As you win more tickets, the more games you can keep playing to earn cash prizes.

  •  Rummy Circle

Rummy Circle is a popular gaming platform in India. It provides a good combination of strategy, fun, and skill development. Rummy Circle provides cash gaming, and players can test their skills utilizing the platform’s excellent UI/UX and customized player stories. Asides from regular gameplay, you have the chance to participate in practice games, rumbles, and official tournaments. The instant withdrawal feature is also one to look forward to.


Entertaining games you can play for money are a great tool to unwind and earn a living while doing what you love. Several real money gaming platforms in India provide various games you can play. With a little online adventure and some cash to start with, you can play and earn money from any of these games. Remember to take your time and find the right game for you.

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