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As you know, in the professional assembly of furniture the details are what make the difference. And one of the least visible elements but that brings more added values to your projects; both aesthetically and functionally, are furniture fittings.

Furniture fittings are generally metallic mechanisms and parts that are used to optimize the operation of the moving parts of the furniture in the most silent, comfortable and smooth way possible. Their typologies range from knobs and handles to hinges, bottle racks, corner baskets, and drawer guides, etc.

If you are looking for the best furniture fittings for your projects, at you will find a wide range for furniture hardware and components of all kinds.

Fittings are especially important in kitchen furniture, which are the ones that suffer the greatest daily wear and tear due to the daily handling of different kitchen tools, the continuous opening and closing of cabinets and drawers, etc. In this area, the fittings determine the experience and, above all, the use that the customer will be able to give to each storage space in the kitchen.

Hard- And Software Types

The basic list of furniture hardware includes:

  • The hinges, which allow opening and closing doors. Select them of the best quality, because it is one of the elements that suffer the most over time. It will largely depend on them that your clients recommend you.
  • The handles, which fulfill both a functional and an aesthetic mission. It is important that they adapt to the exterior design. For example, brass tends to fit better in country-style furniture, while aluminum tends to be more suitable for modern or minimalist styles.

Drawers and pots with full extraction and large capacity, with brakes, in various sizes and finishes, with dividers and organizers designed to store different contents: small items of clothing, cutlery, plates, pots, etc.

You can make the most of your storage space by installing rotating shelves and removable baskets, especially in hard-to-reach places.

Fittings for tall cabinets, such as hinged doors or tilting coat racks, make it easy to take advantage of the upper spaces, since they allow access to the content with a simple movement.

Removable wine racks and bread racks: allow the pantry to be integrated into the kitchen furniture in the most orderly way.

In summary, there is a wide range of furniture fittings that you should take advantage of to fully customize each project, both aesthetically and functionally. The choice of these accessories is key so that users can feel comfortable in and optimize the space to the maximum.

Hardware For Furniture Has A Lot Of Advantages

Selecting the most suitable furniture fittings for each project provides three great benefits that you must communicate to your client:

The interior hardware provides aesthetic benefits for both the finishing touch, such as handles, and for making it easier to maintain order in a home, providing a place for everything.

Comfort and practicality, facilitating, for example, the opening of the highest cabinets or access to clothes stored in height.

Time: No more time wasting trying to remember where the seasoning was stored. With a specific hardware for this, the user will quickly find what they are looking for.

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