Furnishing Your Paris Apartment Creatively And On a Budget

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Ahh… That perfect feeling is when you finally find the apartment of your dreams and are ready to move in. This is especially exciting when you’re going abroad to find yourself and fulfill your goals, and things are getting even better when you move to Paris, the city of love! 

So, if you have already found your apartment in the capital of France, this article is right for you!

Let’s accept that the process of moving into a new apartment in Paris is a thrilling and exciting experience. 

If you’re an easily adaptable person who can adapt to everything others offer, then you probably have no problem dealing with it. 

However, if you’re a creative person with different ideas and never-ending energy, you will want to change something once you rent an apartment. 

For this very reason, some renters want to change something in their apartments. The urge to add something of their own and make it look more like theirs is pretty understandable; we all want to make ourselves at home in the apartment we rent. 

Quite logical, right? 

So, for example, art students who rent an apartment in Paris usually fill their place with photographs and paintings and decorate the walls and windows so that the apartment looks like its inhabitants. 

How to furnish your Paris apartment creatively and on a budget

So, if you also want to furnish and decorate your apartment in Paris, we are ready to help you. 

Read this article till the end, and you will transform your Paris apartment into something magical without a hitch.

  1. Choose the Store Wisely 

If you want to furnish your apartment to the fullest, spending a fortune is unnecessary. 

So, for example, you can purchase furniture from one of the largest furniture retailers, IKEA, which is actually not even surprising especially if you look at IKEA statistics

For example, in 2019 alone IKEA’s revenue in France was about three billion euros! 

This is a store where you will find everything you’re looking for at a very reasonable price and even more. 

Moreover, IKEA offers products for all tastes, so you will find something that characterizes you and symbolizes your personality.

In addition to this, IKEA and similar retailers are storage-friendly. 

This is one of the advantages of shopping from similar stores since apartments in Paris are usually small and you need to save on space as much as possible. This means that you will have no problem renting a small but comfy apartment in Paris.

  1. Art Will Save The World! 

Even furnished apartments in Paris need a little bit of sparkle! 

So, if you want to make your apartment even more comfy and convenient, it is highly recommended to remember art and the magic it brings to every place. 

Then, add the finishing touch to your apartment through canvases and digital creations, or maybe even photographs of modern artists. Some even display their family and friends’ photos on the walls to live in a warm and restful atmosphere. 

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  1. French Flea Markets are Everything

Want to feel the authentic French atmosphere and finally feel yourself at home? 

Then visiting brocantes, also known as flea markets, is a good idea. Flea markets are located in the streets and sell second-hand goods and old, vintage products. These stores are extremely popular in France: in fact, there are more than 15,000 flea markets and garage sales in France according to

But don’t rush to conclusions: second-hand products are even better than you think! 

One of the main reasons you have to visit a flea market at least once is that you will find vintage furniture that awakens nostalgia and helps you save your money, since most goods showcased in the markets will cost you almost nothing. 

Besides, you will have unique pieces of artwork in your apartment since vendors of flea markets usually sell things you won’t find somewhere else.

Moreover, shopping from flea markets is especially good in terms of recycling. By purchasing already-used but worth-buying goods, you indirectly have a positive effect on the environment, which is not only beneficial for nature itself but will also make you feel reasonable and responsible.

  1. Pay a Visit to Auction Houses 

One of the most Parisian things you can do is visit an auction house and buy a product at a much lower price. 

Through auctions and the rising levels of adrenaline in your body, you can quickly get some great deals and buy a piece of art or furniture for your newly rented apartment. 

The most significant advantage of participating in auctions is that you are allowed to inspect the product for defects and damaged parts before the actual sale. This way, you can see the bigger picture and make a reasonable decision based on the product’s condition.

In addition, unlike shopping online, you know what exactly you’re bidding for and how much you want that product to be yours.

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A tastefully furnished room on a tight budget is not a dream anymore! 

So pack your suitcases and get ready for the best trip in your life; there’s so much you still need to do. Your apartment, street markets, and auctions are already waiting for you. 

Do some quick research to find local furniture shops, art galleries, and other decorations; use your imagination to combine all that. 

Then, the creative apartment on a budget will be ready. 

Just bear in mind all the tips provided in this article, and your journey will be as unforgettable as your newly rented apartment.

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