Funniest slogan t-shirts to upgrade your style statement

As winter has almost gone, it’s time to start unpacking summer clothes! Unpack the shorts, hats, and the most important staple — t-shirts. This wardrobe staple doesn’t need any introduction. The sheer comfort that a tee provides during the hot weather is incomparable.

Amid the varieties of tees available, the one that makes you stand out is a funny t-shirt. It oozes out of hilarity which you can spread around with your sartorial fashion sense.

We have created a list of funny t shirts online that will help you upgrade your style statement.

Let’s check it out —

May the 4th be with you

The fandom of ‘Star Wars’ seems never-ending. The movie has fans all around the world and in all age groups. If you’re a fan of this space opera, be ready to flaunt this particular tee saying, “May the 4th be with you,” which in the movie is “May the force be with you.” Yes, it’s been given a hilarious twist.

You can wear this tee on May 4th to let people appreciate your funny attitude plus the unmatched style.

Free hugs

For kind and good people, this funny t-shirt is the best way to spread kindness. But for pervs, it’s a way to lure women into hugs. So, beware, ladies!

A hilarious way to let women run away from you.

My eyes are up here

This funny tee isn’t just for women folks, but for all. This slogan is actually a trap for pervs and onlookers. Whoever reads this slogan will know why it’s been placed there. Yes, a funny and sarcastic take on people who stare at others’ particular body parts for no reason.

Haters gonna hate

When it comes to puns, this slogan “Haters gonna hate” never feels old. A few people enjoy your success, while some people, no matter how good you do, will hate it. This is a sarcastic as well as a funny dig at them. If you have got haters, go ahead, wear this t-shirt, and spread a little fun around!

Vote for Pedro

As and when the movie — ‘Napoleon Dynamite’ came on the silver screen, its quotes became a massive hit among people. Vote for Pedro is one of such dialogues that took the public by storm. It’s funny and works as the best way to define your comic personality.

I drink & I know things.

The Game of Thrones is popular not only for its mind-blowing plot twists but hilarious and witty quotes. Certainly, alcoholics can relate themselves with this quote of Tyrion — “I Drink & I know things.” And, people who booze, they definitely know a lot of things going around.

You can wear this funny drinks t shirt at your weekend party to show off your witty plus hilarious side.

Chic magnet

A chic magnet is usually a guy who manages to get attention from attractive women. How about giving it a funny twist? A funny t-shirt with the image of a chicken and all the magnetic stuff is what will take you and your bystanders on a laughing ride.

People will decipher the meaning quickly and laugh out loud!

I love bacon

Someone has aptly said that America runs on bacon. Most people over here love bacon, and if you’re one of them, go ahead, show off your love by wearing this tee. People will go wild over it.

I beat anorexia

So, what if you are round in shape. Take it hilariously and show off the world that, yes, the round is also a shape. And, you’re not anorexic but healthy. People will appreciate your hilarity for spreading body positivity.

Stop following me

This shirt is said to have a far-reaching attraction point. For today’s intellectuals, it’s an ancestral joke, which keeps following them. You can add your own imagination and take the fun to the next level.

Sorry girls, I’m taken.

Whether or not you’ve been taken, it’s always fun to joke around. This shirt with its funny slogan will surely get ladies’ attention from all the hilarious points of view. And if you’re going around with your lady love, there is no better way to let her and others know, yes; you’re taken!

I love my job only when I’m on vacation.

Amid the coronavirus outbreak, offices were forced to implement a work from home policy. And, it gave people a chance to stay at their home and work. It’s a sort of staycation. But whenever it comes to work, people desperately need a break from work. This shirt hits hard on that point, and it sends out a hilarious message as well.

Mommy shark do dodo

The moment it came out, it became a rage. The baby shark song took the world by storm for all the lovely reasons and its funny lyrics. Now, funny mommy shark and daddy shark t-shirts are available today to add to your style. Pick any and go with the tune!


When it comes to fashion and fun, nothing can beat the charm of a funny t-shirt. The shirts that we discussed earlier are in trend. You can pick any to add to your style statement. For more options, visit sites like PrintShop by Designhill, Spreadshirt, and more.

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