Fuel Fix: What To Do If You Put The Wrong Fuel

Pouring the wrong fuel into your car is a fairly common occurrence; whether you were distracted or confused due to a vehicle transfer, this is how a fuel fix occurs. Pouring diesel into a gasoline vehicle is extremely simple, and filling a diesel tank with gasoline is also nothing new. 

Unleaded In Diesel

Most contemporary diesel filter necks are easily adaptable to petrol nozzles, improperly filling diesel tanks with gasoline common. It is also worth noting that putting unleaded in diesel vehicles does more harm than vice versa.

Misfuelling is extremely dangerous for HDi or regular rail diesel engines. If there has been extensive damage, you may need a new fuel tank, filters, pipelines, injectors, fuel pumps, and, in some cases, a brand-new engine – not good!

Diesel In Unleaded

Misfuelling is uncommon when filling a diesel tank with unleaded because the pump head of the diesel tank is larger compared to the gasoline filler neck. Not only that, but the consequences of mistakenly fueling diesel in unleaded engines are not severe.

Petrol and diesel are ignited using quite different processes. The spark plugs produce a spark, which ignites the gasoline. On the other hand, diesel must be compressed to be ignited. If you mistakenly put diesel in a gasoline tank, the most common result is that it clogs the fuel system as well as the spark plugs, preventing your vehicle from starting.

What To Do If You Misfuel?

Injecting the incorrect gasoline into your vehicle has the potential to be one of the most detrimental things you can do to it. The dangers associated with misfuelling have prompted the government to propose new regulations aimed at preventing motorists from making this error.

You should not start the engine if you have used the incorrect gasoline. Even putting your keys in the ignition is not a good idea. Here are some tips you should consider:

Inform the gas station of your position.

  • Put your vehicle in neutral.
  • Get someone to assist you in pushing your automobile to a convenient spot.
  • Call your insurance company right away.
  • If you have breakdown coverage, contact them; they will be able to empty, clean, and refill your car.

Avoid Driving Your Car

Avoid driving your vehicle if you have filled it with the incorrect gasoline.  If you start your engine, the improper fuel will be pushed further into your vehicle’s system. Depending on the type of vehicle, you may be able to drive for several miles if the fuel is misfuelled diesel, but you will only be able to drive for a couple of seconds if the fuel is misfuelled unleaded.

Turn On the Engine

To avoid having to restart an automatic car after unintentionally putting the wrong fuel in it, you may choose to start the engine and select neutral, then push the vehicle to a more convenient location, such as a gas station. If you’re in a hurry, you may do this, but remember to turn off the engine as soon as you touch neutral. Thus, the brief period when you are turned on will most likely bring the remaining right fuel fix.

Change Your Filter

If the engine has been started, it is recommended that you change the filter immediately after fueling the car with improper fuel. If a vehicle is misfuelled, a technician will immediately put the right fuel through the fuel delivery system before the engine should start. 

If the process is completed, the vehicle will be driven, and any tainted gasoline left in the car’s filter will be removed. However, keep in mind that a gasoline filter is not costly and can be fuel fix less than an hour.

What If You’ve Already Driven Your Car?

Unfortunately, there’s a reasonable risk you’ve harmed your automobile. If you possess a current diesel vehicle, the auxiliary equipment will be powerful, and your vehicle’s engine system will swiftly adjust to the change in fuel, resulting in little or no harm. On the other hand, if your vehicle is a contemporary, sturdy vehicle, petrol might corrode specific drive train ancillaries designed to work on diesel. As a result, you’ll need to act swiftly to avoid irreversible harm.

What Kind Of Repairs Will You Need?

If you put improper gasoline in your automobile, your primary dealer will replace all components. Generally, a local shop will clean and drain your vehicle, but they may also give you a new gasoline filter depending on availability. If you use a mobile gasoline drain device, it will also start a drain and flush process.


Misfuelling your automobile is the same as putting poison in its body; the state of your car will deteriorate, which is why you need a fuel fix to clean the wrong fuel in your vehicle. You should always be aware that putting diesel in unleaded engines or unleaded in diesel tanks is unacceptable and will result in your automobile being wrecked unless you have it promptly checked.


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