Four reasons why you need a shower filter at your home

People are usually extremely concerned about their drinking water. However, many don’t pay enough attention to the water they use for showering. Water full of impurities is not safe for your skin, hair, or health. 

With time, people have started understanding the importance of clean water for showers. This is why things like shower filters are becoming increasingly popular. 

Shower filters filter out almost all the impurities in the water. Here are a few reasons why you should consider getting one.

They help you get healthier skin 

The tap water that you get is treated with chlorine to kill bacteria and viruses. However, chlorine causes various skin issues, such as skin irritation and dryness. 

Showering with chlorinated water can cause you to get itchy, dry, and flaky skin. This can be a severe problem for people with sensitive skin. 

Shower filters remove chlorine from your water along with chloramines and other harmful chemicals. Due to this, you can shower with safe water. This allows for better hydration of your skin, and improves your hygiene as soap works better in chlorine free water. 

They help with your hair 

Impure water not only affects your skin but also negatively affects your hair. Chlorine is basically what we call a drying agent. Thus, while it dries your skin, it also dries up your hair. 

People with dyed hair face more problems with chlorinated water as chlorine can remove the color from your hair – especially if you use warm water for your showers. 

No one wants to have dry hair or dye removed from their hair after they have spent hundreds of dollars on it. Thus, it’s best to invest in shower filters. 

They will remove chlorine from your water, making it perfect for your hair.

They help improve your health 

Chlorine and other similar substances in tap water are not that destructive for your health on their own. But, When chlorine reacts with organic materials, it creates disinfection by-products. 

Unfortunately, many of these by-products, such as chloroform, haloacetic acid, and trihalomethane, are carcinogenic, which means that they can cause cancer. Sure, the chances are low, but why take the risk?

Moreover, when pregnant women take showers on this water, they come in contact with these by-products. As a result, their babies are at risk of having congenital disabilities. 

By removing these harmful substances with the help of shower filters, you’ll be completely removing the risk of these health issues.

You can save money 

Chlorinated and unfiltered tap water is a complete money sink. It can cause various health issues which will take thousands of dollars to fix. Something like cancer can even be extremely deadly. 

Even if the issues you get are related to skin and hair, they still take a lot of your hard-earned money to fix. 

Shower filters, on the other hand, are relatively inexpensive, easy to install and prevent all this waste of your money from happening. Just make sure you buy the right one, and you’re good to go.

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