Flatbed Trailer: 5 Common Commercial Uses

Flatbed trailers play a vital role in the commercial trucking industry. These open load trailers are directly responsible for transporting millions of tons of freight and equipment across the country.

Flatbed trailers are extremely versatile and have many uses. Here are five of the most common uses of flatbed trailers.

Hauling Heavy Construction Equipment

Transporting heavy equipment used in the construction industry and roadwork is a perfect example of how flatbed trailers are so effective.

Heavy equipment such as bulldozers, cranes, and excavators are slow-moving and difficult to maneuver, but flatbed trailers make loading, transporting, and unloading heavy equipment time-efficient and safe.

Transporting Construction Materials

Piping, cinder blocks, scaffolding, and other construction materials can be bulky and difficult to transport. Enclosed trailers have a limited amount of space and don’t allow room for overhang.

A flatbed trailer offers more room for overhang for construction materials, and it provides easier unloading since you can unload materials from the sides and the rear of the trailer.

Moving and Transporting Oil and Gas Rigs

As the oil and gas industry continues to boom, there has been a growing need for fast and efficient transportation of rigs and equipment.

Flatbed trailers are crucial in this industry for fast and easy transportation of oil and gas rigs from one site to another.

Transporting Oversized Loads

Flatbed trailers are the perfect choice for transporting oversized loads. If you have an oversized load to move from one place to another, such as a prefabricated home, you can easily find flat bed trailers for rent that will get the job done safely and efficiently.

Flatbed trailers allow oversized loads to hang over the sides of the trailer, making them a better choice for oversized loads than standard trailers.

Without the use of a flatbed trailer, most oversized loads would have to be disassembled, transported to a specific site, then reassembled.

Flatbed trailers reduce the need to fully disassemble large machinery and other items to fit into regular trailers, saving time and money.

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Transporting Agricultural Products and Equipment

Farmers and ranchers often have to transport large bundles or rolls of hay, alfalfa, and other agricultural goods as well as large, heavy equipment around their property, so those in the farming industry need to find flatbed trailers for rent that meet their specific needs.

As explained by the experts and Hale Trailer, “A good quality flatbed is a must-have for any shipping company due to its versatility and easy loading process.”

Flatbed trailers come in various sizes, making them ideal for large and small projects, and some flatbed trailers can even be used with your existing truck or other vehicles.

The key to finding the perfect flatbed trailer rental for your business is understanding your hauling and transportation needs and selecting the perfect trailer that suits your business.

In addition, you should find a trailer rental company that offers a wide variety of trailers to choose from, which will make it easier to find the perfect solution for your hauling and transportation needs.

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