Five Interesting Things You Need To Know About Batam

Holiday is coming! It’s a perfect time to travel. Forget about Bali or Lombok and try to find another tourist destination. Well, both of them are surely the most popular tourist spots. They have gained a lot of popularity in recent years! From beautiful temples to lofty mountains, incredible beaches, a rich heritage and culture to exciting nightlife.

But, you should remember that Indonesia is not only Bali or Lombok. We have approximately 17 thousands islands. The biggest Islands in this country are Papua, Java, Sumatera, Kalimantan, Bali, Nusa Tenggara, Maluku, and also Sulawesi. They have their own beauty and famous tourist attractions.

Let’s move to Kepulauan Riau Province, they have a city called Batam. This city is located very close to Singapore. You can go there by ferry in the morning and back home at night. Since you don’t need a visa, traveling to Singapore from Batam is way much easier.

Many people come to Batam to find a job. This city is indeed known as an industrial city. Industrial activities in Batam are centered on Batam Island itself. They have electronics industry, manufacturing, shipbuilding or oil and gas fabrication. Those fabrics are scattered throughout Batam Island.

Here is the list of unique things about batam that you need to know:

1. Famous as Foreigners’ Bucket List

Batam has always been the 3 most visited areas in Indonesia by foreign tourists! I’m pretty sure it’s because the location is very strategic. Every month, Batam is visited by foreign tourists with an average of 120 thousand visits! And in 2015 (7 years ago), foreign tourists that already visited Batam reached more than 1.5 million. It is not including the local tourists. Amazing right? No wonder, there are many good hotels in Batam you can book easily.

2. A City in Indonesia That Visa-free to Different Countries

Batam is the only city in Indonesia with the most international ports, and visa-free for many countries! According to Minister for Law and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia, Yasonna H. Laoly, he added a number of Entry and Exit points in the Riau Islands where Immigration Officials may issue Free Visas.

Foreign tourist may come to Indonesia without Visa from these seaports in Batam : Nongsa Terminal Bahari, Marina Teluk Senimba and Citra Tri Tunas, on Bintan are Bandar Bentan Telani Lagoi, Bandar Seri Udana Lobam, and in the Karimun Islands : Tanjung Balai Karimun port.

3. Popular For Its Sea View

Batam has many snorkeling and diving spots that are as beautiful as Bunaken and Raja Ampat. You can find it at Abang Island (one of the islands under the Batam territory) which is  located in the far south, precisely in Galang District, Batam, Riau Islands. Petong Island which is located also in Galang, near Abang Island. Before diving here, you must ask the tour operator about the timing. So you can avoid the moment  to meet the “friendly” jellyfish or bad wind.

4. Airport with the Longest Runway

Hang Nadim International Airport has the longest runway in Indonesia, about 4025 meters.

5. A Place For Regular International Events

There are 2 international events that are regularly held in Batam. First is the Tour de Belerang. Second is Nongsa Regatta.

Tour de Balerang is a bicycle race that is usually attended by foreign and local cyclists. The foreign cyclists come  from the UK, Singapore, Australia, USA, Switzerland, France, South Africa, Hong Kong, Canada, Ireland, Netherlands, Malaysia, and Italia.

Meanwhile, The Nongsa Neptune Regatta is a family-friendly race and convoy boating event to the Equator and back.

Very interesting right? So, why don’t you book your hotel as soon as possible. Choose the best one like Aston Batam, Nagoya Hill Hotel, Batam Marriott Hotel and Harbour Bay, or Harris resort Barelang Batam. Happy Holiday!

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