Fire Protection for Drivers

Choosing the right driver’s clothing is essential for sportscar race drivers. When talking about the best racing suits, we should mention that it includes anything that could help you get through the thrilling experience without worrying about problems on the road, accidents, and fire. 

Here you can find the perfect racing suit. If you want to learn more about fire protection for drivers, keep reading this article. 

When choosing your apparel, take into account the type of your vehicle and how this relates to the possible conditions of your driving. Consider what you may encounter on the road or the race track; however, that doesn’t mean there aren’t many tracks for intermediate drivers to advanced and even professional racers. 

Every suit suitable for racing has at least two layers that cover the entire body. Accessories like shoes, helmets, and underwear are also a necessity.

Keep in mind, for motorcyclists, for example, some suits have rigid back, hip, and leg protection for added safety. They are different than those of race car drivers. High-quality suits, such as leather ones, may have removable panels, which can offer extra protection because it’s better to protect yourself from any unforeseen awkward situations whenever possible! 

All racing suits at Westwood Racing Supplies are manufactured by the best brands, considered most reputable in the world. Each is a good choice for both competitive and non-professional racecar drivers. The most important thing about choosing a suit is strict safety features and being non-combustible. 

Non-combustible suits 

That is the primary feature of the state-of-the-art innovative sportscar race driver’s suit. The suit must be tailored according to the latest standards and have all the necessary certifications for quality and protection. There are high-quality race car driver’s suits at Westwood Racing Supplies, made entirely for protection. Your suit should be durable and withstand the flames of a burning car, should an accident occur. Race car drivers today want to focus on the track and the experience and not worry about protection. That’s why professional brands constantly improve their products, making them even more durable and comfortable.

Let’s look at the Hypertech v2 suit, for instance. It is a lightweight suit made of two layers. It is breathable and close-fitted, allowing the driver to make movements freely and ventilate properly. It is designed for professional racing performance. The suit meets all the FIA standards and requirements for a professional sports car driver’s suit and provides optimal fire resistance.

Why is lightweight so important? 

Besides durability, lightweight is the next most important thing for the race car driver is lightness. With its aramidic knit, the Hypertech v2 suit allows freedom of movement and feeling lightness for ultimate comfort. It allows the body to regulate temperature on its own so that the driver doesn’t heat up, as it can get really hot in a speeding car. The suit is lightweight and stretchable, allowing flexibility, much needed for the driver, especially in the elbow area, the lower back, and the knees (key mobile areas).

Cooling underneath the suit

Another very important aspect of the race car driver apparel is the cooling. Today, there is an innovative cooling shirt called “Cool Water Shirt,” can turn out to be the driver’s best friend when it gets really hot in the car. The shirt has a cooling system meant to keep the body temperature at a healthy levels while driving. It has a special tubing attached to the shirt-itself connected to a cooling unit, which allows cooling fluid to flow and cool the torso. In case of fire, this shirt can additionally provide cooling underneath the suit.

The helmet 

Another item meant to protect you and even save your life in case of fire is the helmet. It is supposed to protect your head from injury, but it is also non-combustible, able to protect your head and neck from fire. Helmets, offered at Westwood Racing Supplies, are designed especially for the professional race car driver and meet all the latest standards and requirements. The helmet can include an integrated water drink tube, a radio and a microphone, as well as speaker pods and an emergency removal system, if you need to get it off fast.

In Conclusion… 

The driver’s equipment needs to be non-combustible. Although durability and lightweight are vital qualities a professional race car driver’s suit should have, fire protection is the first thing you should look for when buying your race car driver apparel and accessories. When it comes to safety, you should look for items that meet all the latest safety standards and requirements. At Westwood Racing Supplies, you will find everything a race car driver may need – state-of-the-art body suits, helmets, gloves, cooling systems, and more. Keep in mind, that the first and most important thing will always be your safety.

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