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Finding the best golf properties and golf courses is not an easy task.

This week, we were joined by European Tour Destinations, Europe’s most famous real estate firm, to explore the various advantages of owning and living in a high-end golf property and how the pandemic has influenced consumer attitude and demand. Explore Sotogrande Golf Property For Sale for the cream of the crop when it comes to golfside properties.

The European Tour Destinations network includes world-class golf courses situated in important strategic markets in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. With Fine & Country, the European Tour’s brand is associated with one or more well-known golf and real estate facilities in each Destination. Our relationship has built a link unlike any other, guaranteeing that our golf property owners get the type of care they’ve come to expect from a golf industry elite.

Understand the ins and outs of investing in one of Europe, the Middle East, or Asia’s premier golf destinations.

Why Invest in Golf Real Estate?

The best sports facilities are available.

Each resort typically has a wide range of amenities. Residents and visitors get exclusive discounts and privileges. There may be yoga and swimming facilities, as well as luxury restaurants, clubs, and water parks, in addition to five-star hotels and spas. For example, The Terre Blanche Golf Resort in Provence features pools and spa amenities which have people flocking year-round.

Safety and security

Resorts frequently rely on strict security measures and legislative requirements to keep people safe. These preserve the resort’s unique character, as well as its value and appeal.

Beautiful scenery abounds.

A golf resort is typically a relaxing and serene place to be. While some property owners may not be avid golf fans, everyone can certainly enjoy the well-maintained courses, standard facilities, and beautiful green surroundings.

Join in group activities

The various tournaments, lunches, sports events, and other clubhouse meetings and celebrations throughout the year make it simple to make new acquaintances and renew old ones.

Several real estate alternatives.

Choose from one-bedroom flats to multi-million dollar villas at an ETD resort. Regardless of dwelling size, all residents have equal access to services and legal protections.

The Appeal of a Holiday Rental House

Due to the increasing demand for vacation rentals, resort properties have done exceedingly well. People from all walks of life are drawn to the area’s various leisure and health options, as well as the ease of access and transportation. Nobody wants to play golf all year round, but these properties can certainly be enjoyed through the seasons.

Strong resale potential European Tour Destinations golf properties command a 20% premium over surrounding residences for sale by owner.


Prospective homebuyers are more concerned than ever about the environment and their health. The nature of a golfside property allows residents and potential purchasers to relax, enjoy the outdoors, and appreciate nature’s beauty.

ETD golf courses are rapidly becoming more eco-friendly. There are also passive designs that consider the environment and use renewable energy sources such as wind, sun, and geothermal heat.

Pandemic thinking is reshaping how property owners work with designers. Golf course owners are becoming interested in outdoor dwelling structures, and thus golf properties are on the rise in popularity. As new ones materialise, many eco-measures are put in place to meet the increasing demands of environmentally-conscious buyers.

Online business ideas

Due to the excellent facilities offered by ETD resorts, property owners are seeking residences with more flexible living and working spaces. Natural lighting, fresh air, and technological infrastructure are all elements that lend themselves well to those who work online, as an excellent backdrop on camera with the help of video platforms.


People want more privacy, a front door they can lock, and a pool they can use due to stricter health standards and procedures. Thus, more and more people are adding 24-hour-CCTV and guard patrol to their property must-have list.

Extension of Primary Residences

Many people prefer their ETD homes over their permanent residences because they regard the resort properties as an extension of their primary residences. It may be advantageous to clients who are comfortable connecting with venues and Fine & Country through virtual tours.

Additionally, compared to prior generations, empty-nesters and retirees are more active. They often travel to see friends or family, and therefore an ETD home can be very beneficial.

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