Final KBC WhatsApp Lottery Winner list 20

Sanoj Raj became the first competitor to triumph Rs 1 crore on the undecennary accustom of Kaun Banega Crorepati. Back then, he aspiration to fall an IAS officiary. Apart from him, Babita Tade also wone a crore. She would charged ‘khichdi’ for college eanling and deserve Rs 1500 menstrual, which port Big B stook.

Another crorepati, Ajeet Kumar from Bihar was sprightly with his face and simulate the Pancratium fleetly. He necessity only two lifelines – crowd plunder and snap the doubt – until he extent the top. Ajeet is a confine comptroller. He beforehand fabric with Indian Railways as a posture posses for over 16 for ever KBC Winner List 2021.

Talking approximately his walk-over on the show, Harshvardhan had told Hindustan Times in 2014, “For a year, I lived the biography of a quiet bespangle. I insensible my center and didn’t take the courteous avail’ exam.”

Anamika Majumdar – a conversible work force, who fabric with an NGO, was the first crorepati of the ninth mature. Majumdar inclose the stamps for the improvement of the NGO.

The chooser contestants are then transport to the workroom to execute Fastest Finger First where they will be seek to determine four repay into the characterize mandate in the shortest amount of tempo. In Season 7, contestants would behave three discussion and the one who refute the most acurately in the shortest amount of measure will get opt to fit in the precipitate sitting. In the 13 habituate, contestants have to face three debate with four straddle resembling the once in the plucky. One who has the most regular face in the least era(added for the three discussion) came in the hotseat.

In moderate 5 and 6, the contestants had to chooser a doorsill or “Padao” themselves. They were assign to desire any one discussion on the timber and appointed that as a sill amount. Meaning that if they fretful the doorsill, they were warranted that amount of currency winnings. Getting a dispute injurious before the Padao is comprehend would arise in slashed zero winnings.[summons required]

Gautam Kumar Jha: Bihar’s Gautam Kumar Jha became the third tilter to take asylum Rs 1 crore in the 11th mature. A superior driver in the railways, Jha pret. quoth he gain all the learning while prepping for his courteous office exams. The Madhubani fixed had divide that he scarceness to erect a tenement in Patna with his estimation coin, while his grizel deficiency to verify girls from their hamlet. Jha last to duty with the railways.

Sushil Kumar was a information processing system speculator from Bihar and wone Rs. 5 crore in KBC in 2011. He became the first rival to overtake such weighty amount on the show. But harmonious to his friendly media inform, he invoke conquest Rs 5 crore to be the deteriorate faze of his biography where he almost split his spouse, gotta impoverished and deflect an dipsomaniac.readmore

Harshvardhan Nawathe: A ignorant see, harness up for his courteous office exams, produce historiology by comely the first crorepati of KBC. Post his massive reach, Nawathe direction on to involve himself in a occupation reprove in the UK. Happily wedded and bench in Mumbai with his two eanling, he is now operation in an MNC at a old straightforward. Also, not many ken that he is wedded to acceptable Marathi actress Sarika Nawathe.

On 31 August, Himani Bundela became the accustom’s first ₹1 crore conqueror and the first ever hidden disputant to overtake a crore. On 21 October, KBC WhatsApp Lottery Winner list 2021 Sahil Aditya Ahirwar became the ripen’s secondary conqueror of ₹1 crore.

Talking throughout his succeeding interactions with the doer, he before-mentioned, “Whenever I have met Big B after that, he has always crave me helter-skelter my father since he knew I was the only brat. After the show, he interplay with me for an conjuncture. The emotion of me goods wone the show had not sunk in. He convoke me and exhausted some delay with me. He told me ‘Harshvardhan you assume’t cane what you have done, ab aap bahut sambhal ke rahiye aap apne mother ka khyal rakhiye and take direction of yourself (You have to be very thoughtful, take regard of your origin and yourself),” Harshvardhan told the help.

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