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We all love Instagram, in fact it has been rated one of the most popular social media applications. Instagram houses more than 600 million users that actively participate and use the application. Instagram offers you a great platform to post and share pictures and videos of some of the brightest moments with a huge number of audience at once. People of all ages and groups are hooked to the application, and enjoy scrolling through its media.

But while being such a fun app, Instagram poses certain restrictions on the viewing and downloading of the media. In order to help you overcome these roadblocks, Instazoom app has multiple tools and features that help you get access to every media on Instagram, that too free of cost and on every device and operating system. Instazoom app works on both android, iOS and even browsers. Certain tools offered by Instazoom are:

1. Profile picture viewer and downloader:

Viewing a profile picture in that small circular thumbnail is difficult and unrecognizable, especially when you are finding an account or going through your following requests. Instazoom brings you profile picture viewing and downloading tools, to help you view any user’s profile picture in original size and resolution. It even leverages you the possibility of downloading the profile picture directly into your phone storage.

2. Reels and IGTV video downloads:

Who does not love scrolling through the reels section. We tend to aimlessly scroll through the amazing videos being shared on reels and IGTV videos. At times you come across a video that is amazing and you would want it, in order to get access to this video you need to ask the person whose account it is to send it, which is not possible in every case. Instazoom confers this need of its users and hence provides them reels and IGTV video downloading tool that downloads any video from Instagram using the link of that video easily.

3. Anonymous story viewing tool:

We all have once come across this dilemma, where we want to watch a particular person’s story, but without being enlisted in the viewers list. Now you can either make an unknown account or use airplane mode but both these measures have drawbacks. As when you make a fake ID it takes time and the other person is getting notified about your fake account raising suspicion. On the other hand using airplane mode only allows you to view the first view stories not all, as it works only for pre-loaded content. In such a case you can use Instazooms anonymous story viewing tool that allows you to view all the stories of a person anonymously without being notified, using his/her username.

4. Downloading tool for posts and pictures:

Instagram only offers you to view the posts of a particular person. It does not allow you to download any post from someone else’s or even your own account. But need not worry! Instazoom supports downloading of posts and pictures from a foreign or your own account using the link provided. All you need to do is click on the three dots adjacent to your post and copy link. Paste this link into the app and voila it’s done and you get the post downloaded in great quality and resolution directly into your phone storage.

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