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Family Counselling and Dispute Resolution

Family counselling Perth is a service offered to families going through separations and divorces. By ensuring separate parties in a separation or divorce are on amicable terms, counselling can help resolve disputes that might otherwise end up in court or even instead of it. A counsellor can assist, not just with dispute resolution with couples, but also with counselling entire family units, or any other family group dynamic that requires guidance. Families separating often have problems with communication, which can result in conflict. Disputes might include issues such as child support, property settlement, parenting orders and more. With the help of dispute resolution, couples who are going through a separation or divorce can reach agreements that benefit their children, while encouraging co-operation and compromise.

The process of dispute resolution

FDR was once a suggestion or recommendation but is now compulsory. The idea is people can save themselves money in legal fees and shorten the time in which they get a resolution to their issue. It also reduces the number of cases heading to court. Counselling Perth is also important in making sure that two parties at odds come together in agreement. The court wants to see both parties make a real effort to resolve issues apart from when there are issues of child abuse, violence and such. Each party is awarded a certificate that confirms their attendance and states how well they participated.

The process for each person involved will include;

  • Everyone agrees on the issues that need resolving
  • Enabling all parties to listen to each other without interrupting
  • Sharing information that is relevant
  • Exploring together opinions and ideas
  • Talking about and testing potential solutions
  • Putting in writing all that is agreed and resolved and signing

FDR practitioners

People you see for FDR or family counselling Perth are from a range of backgrounds but are trained in dispute resolution relating to family law matters. They are not there for legal advice though some come from a legal profession. Their focus is on the best interests of any children involved, while remaining impartial and fair and focused on the future.

Reasons to try your hardest at FDR

Counselling Perth is about coming to agreements that are for the best for your children, to heal and to move on to a better future. People need to be genuine about compromising and following the process through. Reasons why counselling is worth the effort include;

  • The process is less stressful and traumatic
  • You save money and time
  • Going through conflict resolution means that the other party is less likely to breach the agreement
  • It gives you a structure to help handle future issues should they arise
  • It improves your parenting relationship and communication skills
  • You still have control over the process

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