Fair travel: 5 tips to travel sustainably!

Have you heard of sustainable travels? Yes, but you don’t know what it is all about? If so, in this article, you can find a definition and valuable tips and tricks to make traveling more sustainable!

What is fair travel all about?

“Fair travel” is a synonym for sustainable traveling and one big hit on social media these days. People share their ideas on how to make traveling better for the environment. Back in the day, being a jet setter was the goal for many people, let it be as a businessman or a successful actress. Nowadays, traveling and especially using a plane daily is everything but recommendable. We are all aware of the effects that climate change already has on our lives, and we can’t even envision how it will be in 20 years from now if we don’t change anything. But does this mean we shouldn’t travel anymore? Traveling is an excellent way of learning more about new countries, cultures and also yourself. It benefits every aspect of your life and is an incredible chance and opportunity to take a step outside of your comfort zone. Therefore, it would be a significant loss if we needed to stop traveling. “Fair travel” focuses on sustainable ways of traveling that don’t affect the environment. Do you want to be part of it?

Five tips to travel more sustainably:

Do you want to know how you can implement “Fair travel” into your travel routine? How can you have a positive impact with only a few changes? Here we have five tips and tricks for you!

Use a camper van

Flying is the worst way of transport when it comes to the environment, so how about using a camper van instead? This way, not only are you more flexible compared to bus and train, but you also have a place to sleep. You don’t need to buy a camper van to try it out yourself. There are campervan hire businesses across the country. Try it out and discover the beauty of your surrounding area!

Travel slowly

Rather than trying different types of transport and hopping on a plane every day, it is more sustainable if you travel slower. Not only is it better for the environment, but at the same time, you will really get to know a place. Rather than rushing from one place to another – take it slow!

Avoid plastic

Did you know that every piece of plastic that was ever produced is still here? It takes 200 years for a plastic bottle to dissolve. Not only is plastic harmful to the environment but also the animals. Birds eat plastic and die with a full stomach; turtles, whales, dolphins, sharks, and fish die while being stuck in plastic. It is a big problem, and what’s even more frustrating is that there are so many different ways to avoid plastic, like buying a reusable water bottle.

Leave no traces

When you go hiking or camping somewhere, be sure that you take your trash with you. Not only is it better for the people who come after you, but at the same time leave nature untouched!

Support local businesses

Small businesses have a hard time getting customers next to the billion-dollar corporations, and that issue just got worse with the pandemic. When you travel, try to avoid Amazon and McDonald’s, but instead support local businesses.

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