Exterior Truck Upgrades That Will Make Winter 2021 Easier!

Cruise confidently this winter with the latest exterior truck upgrades. From truck tonneau covers to non-slip running boards, these upgrades keep your truck driving safely and confidently as temperatures drop and snow falls. Review highly rated items today to see what your truck is missing.

Benefits of Running Boards

If climbing into your truck feels like a workout, then it’s time for a set of running boards. High-quality running boards for trucks give you a wide, non-slip surface to comfortably step up into the cab of your pickup.

Running boards aren’t just for lifted trucks, but even a stock ride can enjoy an easier way to climb in and out. These aftermarket upgrades are particularly useful if you don’t have any running boards or if your boards aren’t wide enough to comfortably fit winter boots.

Choose running boards that are corrosion-resistant and fit your truck. Some boards are bad length, while others offer a wheel-to-wheel step to conveniently access your truck bed toolbox.

Tonneau Cover For Winter Storage

Tired of snow and ice ruining your truck bed equipment? Choose a hard or soft roll up tonneau cover to prevent snow from falling into your truck bed. Both options offer lots to love, and there are highly rated brands that boast plenty of options for your specific pickup.

A tonneau cover is an excellent truck upgrade that provides style, privacy and protection. Instead of brushing snow out of your truck bed or worrying about your tools being stolen, you just need to close and lock your cover for peace of mind.

Why You Need Winter Tires

Your 4×4 can’t be slipping and sliding around the icy, snow-covered roads. Winter tires are a must-have accessory for your truck, both for driving safety and comfort.

These tires use a specialized rubber that doesn’t crack in extreme cold conditions. Thick shoulders reduce the risk of you losing control of your pickup as you drive. Don’t drive in the summer with your winter tires, but swap these specialized upgrades out every winter for long-lasting performance.

How To Stay Safe While Driving in Winter

Even the best winter tires and careful driving techniques can’t prevent you from a roadside emergency. If your truck becomes stuck in the snow or isn’t starting on the side of the road, then you need an emergency kit.

Some helpful exterior accessories include a winch and tow straps. A winch is useful if you’re headed down an off-road trail or get stuck in a snowbank on the side of the road. You can use a winch just like tow straps and connect it to another truck, or you can find a tree to safely connect to and haul your truck back onto the road.

Order Must-Have Exterior Truck Upgrades Today

Create a winter-ready ride with these must-have exterior upgrades. Your truck needs to help you get where you’re going safely and conveniently. From winter tires to a tonneau cover, order these highly rated upgrades online to have them shipped right to your garage.

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