Explore the Most Popular Beauty Gurus on Instagram and Some Valuable Tips to Follow

Instagram is the ultimate destination to head for if you have a passion for, obsession about, or beauty addiction. You could be a beauty expert or a beauty enthusiast who loves to stay abreast of the latest developments and trends in the beauty world or the makeup industry. We understand that today influencers are transforming the entire beauty industry, grabbing the attention of numerous followers. Instagram beauty influencers boast of cult-like followings. The growing popularity of social media has culminated in celebrities or influencers on social media. According to the Guardian, beauty influencers are earning millions via endorsement of beauty products.

It is a highly competitive world and beauty influencers are gaining phenomenal popularity with enticing packages of videos and photos since consumers today are more than happy to discard conventional forms of marketing such as magazine ads or TV commercials. Consumers are rejecting ads featuring celebrities. They are dismissing the concept of luminaries pitching various beauty brands or products as they are finding them less reliable and less credible as per recent research findings by the renowned Harvard Business School.

Here are some of the top beauty accounts on Instagram for seeking their expert advice, following their beauty and makeup tips. You may find beauty inspiration from these famous beauty influencers in their own right. Are you new to Instagram? Can you buy real Instagram followers? Yes, you can for boosting your overall follower count.

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Here are top makeup gurus and you can visit their Instagram accounts to draw beauty inspiration. Let us explore some of the legendary names associated with the world of makeup and beauty.

Pat McGrath

You cannot miss the presence of Pat McGrath if you have witnessed international fashion shows or have glanced through lifestyle magazines. She is regarded as the most influential and popular make-up artist worldwide by Vogue. McGrath has today become indispensable to designers and often important photoshoots are postponed or rescheduled in case McGrath is not available. She is a makeup artist par excellence and she has the capability of creating both minimal masterpieces and also radical avant-garde looks. The brilliant works of McGrath have featured in innumerable runaways and magazines worldwide. Pat is presently employed at Procter & Gamble in the capacity of a Global Design Director. You can keep monitoring her Instagram account called PATMCGRATHREAL for going through her most recent work.

Pat McGrath offers Valuable Beauty Tips:

  • She recommends using fingertips while applying makeup instead of brushes because it produces a better effect and a much-improved look. You certainly have much better control over the amount of pressure exerted against your skin for blending the foundation using the tips of your fingers.
  • Layering your makeup products help. Outline and then fill in with lip liner. You can apply lip liner to your entire lips at first before you apply lipstick to get a long-lasting and smooth finish. Use a tissue to blot your lips then add a layer of matte color by using your fingers to apply lipstick again. The layered effect looks perfect!
  • Do not use mascara on your lower lashes. Restrict the use of mascara to your upper eyelashes to make your eyes look bigger and more attractive.visit here to know more information : Pii-email

Lisa Eldridge

Lisa Eldridge is a celebrity in her own right. She is a makeup artist of world renown. There are several Hollywood celebs in her extensive list of clients. She is currently employed at Lancôme as the Global Creative Director. However, she is all the time busy doing makeup for famous personalities and giving them a stunning look for editorials and events. She is also busy making YouTube videos as she boasts over 1 million subscribers. She finds time for writing a beauty column every month for the popular UK ELLE magazine and uploading stunning photos on her Instagram account for her uncountable fans and followers. You may follow her Instagram account LISAELDRIDGEMAKEIP if you have a passion for makeup and aesthetics. You can get to know her hot favorite beauty products. You can get a glimpse of her grand portfolio, her cats Bertie and Teddy, and some clients of world renown.

Lisa Eldridge Offers Useful Beauty Tips:

  • Apply a lip liner for achieving fuller lips. If you use a lip liner your lips can get a gorgeous look of volume at the edges. Moreover, your lipstick will stay perfect longer. Even when your lipstick fades, people do not get to see the obvious rim.
  • Do not apply an overdose of moisturizer, primer, and foundation as because of the excessive products, your makeup will tend to fade much faster as compared to thin layers of beauty products. Blend your makeup seamlessly with your skin to get a smoother and more realistic look.
  • She recommends embellishment of skin but advises against covering your entire face with makeup. You should understand that it is a good idea to cover in places where you need to conceal something.

Val Garland

Val Garland started her journey with hair coloring. Her passion for color made her switch from hair to hard-core makeup. She has earned the reputation of being fearless in her approach. Her top clients have been Lady Gaga and Elizabeth McQueen. She is very creative and innovative and believes in experimenting and taking risks. She loves to challenge existing beauty standards and come up with something new each time. Her daring and revolutionary attitude makes her appealing to photographers and designers. Her Instagram account THEVALGARLAND is stunning and colorful full of landscape, vintage, and editorial pictures.

Val Garland offers Beauty Tips:

  • Use a pencil lip liner or attach a brush to a pencil and then use the brush for defining your lips and get an accurate finish. Stick to liquid liner. Thanks to the pencil supporting the liquid liner brush, there are no smudges or wobbles.
  • Whenever your foundation seems cakey or dry, you may make it right by applying a little bit of moisturizer to get a smoother finish and radiant look.
  • Always remember to keep your head slightly tilted to the back to ensure that your eyes remain half-closed while you are applying the eyeliner in one uninterrupted motion across the upper lid. You may consider filling in the gaps if any, later on.


A whopping 62% of American women are in the habit of following beauty influencers. Moreover, 67 percent of women admit that they always seek information relating to skincare and beauty products from beauty influencers before buying them. Beauty experts on Instagram and other social media platforms are the most trusted today.

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