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Explainer Videos Explained, a Case Study on Plates

Short online marketing videos known as explainer videos are used to explain products or services offered by your company. Explainer videos are frequently used on a landing page or the homepage of your website. These videos have grown in popularity, with some claiming a 144% increase in conversion rates.


The script is one of the most important elements in determining the success of your campaign. It’s also referred to as a duplicate or a copy. In the end, no matter how good your video is, if your copy isn’t engaging, you won’t see any returns. An uninspired script will not hold the attention of an uninterested audience.


During this stage, we bring all of the characters in the video together, break it down and arrange. In chronological order, and bring characters to life by making them aware of the new environment. Your visual styles and story are in line with your company’s goals and mission.


Voiceover, like the story, is critical to the video’s success. The video can be ruined if the voiceover does not fit the personality of the character. When it comes to voiceovers, you have two choices. A professional voiceover artist can be hired, or the job can be done in-house by the client. There will always be room for improvement in the voiceover section.

Draught of your Script:

Storyboarding and voiceover have been completed; you’re ready to write the first draft of your script. Take your time publishing your first draft because it will need to be revised before the final product is ready. Create the first draught, then go back and make any necessary revisions. Distribute your draught to the other members of your team.

Remember to Incorporate Sound Effects:

Using sound effects instead of voiceovers is a completely different process. Professional artists provide the voiceover for characters in the voiceover. Using sound effects, you can create engaging videos that capture and hold the attention of your audience. To create sound effects that are best suited to video, you should seek the advice of experienced sound designers.

Deliver, Write, and Market:

Finishing touches are needed to make sure the video is of the highest quality before it is released. It’s critical to look at video performance across various resolutions and devices to see how it changes. Finally, make sure your video reaches your intended audience. Consider hiring a marketer to do the advertising for you if your skills are lacking.

Explainer Videos with Live-Action:

Dollar Shave Club videos are good examples of this. Suppose your company sells a physical product or offers a service that caters to people. Then a live-action explainer video is a great option for you. Including real people in your explainer video will help you connect with your audience.


Social Media Live Streams:

Live-action videos are very similar to these, but editing is not possible. It’s a little scary at first, but having an uncensored video shows that you’re not afraid to be yourself, which humanizes your brand. Go live on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram with these tips. After the video has finished, you have the option to save it to your account.

Animated Explainer Videos:

Animation is the most popular explainer video format when explaining services or intangible tech products like software. Live-action is an impractical option for services that use few or no physical objects. The flexibility of animated explainer videos allows you to be more imaginative.

Explainer Videos for Whiteboards:

This video format has grown in popularity because it is simple to use and doesn’t cost much money to produce. It’s an explainer video where animation is hand-drawn on a whiteboard and then erased with a dry erase marker.

Examples of Explainer Videos:

There are many excellent explainer video examples available now that promotional videos like these are becoming increasingly popular. Here are a few of our favorites.

Dollar Shave Club:

Dollar Shave Club exemplifies a well-structured explainer video. First, they give an overview of the service, then explain the issue and reiterate their service’s solution.


Animated commercials can be a lot more cost-effective for some companies than live-action commercials. Mint uses animation to show how it collects financial data from various parts of a user’s life and brings it all together in one place.


A rocking soundtrack and cartoon animation are all it takes to explain Spotify’s digital music service. Because the video’s color scheme matches the Spotify design perfectly, we recognize it right away. It goes well with the upbeat music and fast-paced cutting.

Advantages of New Elucidation Video:

Using explainer videos has a lot of advantages, including the following ones:

·         Increasing the number of people who become customers

·         Using video content to improve SEO search rankings

·         Doubling the time people spend on your page after they land there

·         Publicity for your product – videos are simple to share on Facebook and Twitter.

·         An explainer video can be repurposed for a pitch to investors or as an email signature,

Best Ways to Make an Explainer Video:

Here are a few best practices you can use to make your videos look better and have a greater chance of impacting people’s lives.

Keep Script as the Focal Point of Marketing Strategy:

Writing a creative brief is a good practice before beginning work on a video. The original brief asks few specific questions that will help you come up with a great script. Suppose you don’t know how to structure your text after answering all of the questions in the creative brief and writing a script that follows complete structure. Your script will either make or break your video’s success.

Do Not Overstretch your Script:

Explainer Videos may be more beneficial to you on occasion. Video marketing’s golden rule, on the other hand, is that the shorter the video, the better. You should structure your script carefully to keep your video from running over its allotted time limit. In a video, there’s no sense in wasting time by avoiding the topic. It will reduce the video’s retention rate.


Superb Explainer Videos only if it includes the proper combination of elements. Regardless of the video’s power factor – tale, graphics, design, music, narration. Or setting – no two Explainer Videos will ever be the same.


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