Everything You Should Know About Ultracapacitor – in Smart Meter

An ultracapacitor is an electrical device that can accumulate electrical power to a quantity of a hundredfold more than an ordinary capacitor. Therefore, it is also regarded as an electrochemical capacitor or even referred to as a supercapacitor to elaborate on its potential capabilities.

Consequently, this efficient energy storage mechanism makes ultracapacitor devices a perfect fit for different power-consuming appliances that have limited voltage and current enduring capacities and also the ones with large-scale energy requirements.

With such distinctive characteristics, the international markets have grown to become the biggest admirers of this high-capacitance capacitor ardently. These also include the smart meter industry experts, who have been lately observed prioritizing ultracapacitor devices over the typical lithium batteries to bridge the gap between the traditional capacitor and standard battery’s power output while meeting the rising electrical energy demands of the futuristic technology solutions.

Some Basic Information

About smart meters, here are something you should know.

  • What is a Smart Meter?

A smart meter is an electrical implement that digitally records and displays accurate power-related information. This electronic gadget comes in extremely handy in immediately measuring metrics like voltage and current detection, electricity usage, and other similar energy aspects.

Thus, it provides an instant check and balance for both the consumers and the electricity suppliers to keep tabs on their existing power consumption management in various activities, including quick user billing, strict system tracking & monitoring, and so on.

  • Applications of Smart Meter 

The modern smart grid infrastructure has a more time-sensitive requirement for most of the operations that run under the power generation system. Further, it can be classified into sectors that involve power substations, domestic smart metering, and custom smart metering systems.

There are numerous valuable applications that are making the most of smart meter devices on a large scale. Here are some of those highlighted functional areas that top the list with great margin:

  • Computer and terminal control center units (SCADA)
  • Network and substation event correlation
  • Grid frequency management
  • Scheduled power restriction operations
  • Smart metering supply and quality evaluation
  • Lightning strike monitoring
  • What is the role of the ultracapacitor?

Having said that, it’s not always easy to maintain a nonstop power supply for a piece of smart meter equipment, regardless if it is being used for water, gas, or conventional electricity appliances. The challenges range from keeping up the energy efficiency levels to delivering a higher performance rate while also preparing for any unexpected power outage incident.

Therefore, the professionals suggest running such sophisticated smart gadgets with solutions such as ultracapacitor implements that can proficiently hold the electric charges to a certain low power level. The constant power cycle can only continue if the ultracapacitor is of top-notch quality standards. Besides, it must also include all the latest features and factors that guarantee a smooth smart meter function for all types of electrical appliance users.

Features of a Quality Ultracapacitor for Powering the Smart Meters

Here are some of the notable characteristics of a quality high-capacitance capacitor that can power up smart meters with its following outstanding features:

  1. Little influence will be generated on the water meter since the battery is not in the smart meter, which can prolong the lifespan of the smart meter, saving the maintenance cost.
  2. This backup energy can ensure a stable performance of the smart meter. Take the water meter as an example. The ultracapacitors will allow the water valve to work, like turning on or off, even with a dying battery.
  3. It is a well-acknowledged fact that certain leakage currents, referring to the battery’s external circuit, can protect the battery life. However, with the use of ultracapacitors, the external circuit can be simplified, which will reduce the difficulty of the quality control of smart meters, bringing down the prices.


After going through a brief analysis covering different aspects of the ultracapacitor and its important features, it is evident that this groundbreaking technology is helping in the progress of power-generating devices by keeping a close eye on the energy-consuming habits of the users.

This will not only result in the cut down of massive utility bills but will also play its part in the energy conservation process by limiting the unwanted or excessive usage of electrical power. Hence, a wise move here would be to go for those capacitor manufacturers that can provide you with top-notch high-capacitance capacitors that last longer and cost less. Meanwhile, “Beryl” checks all the right boxes of being your next high-capacitance capacitor supplier with great distinction.

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