Everything you need to know about Kirienko Stock Market

Before launching the Kirienko Stock Market, Alexey KRIIKOVICH earned his first million. In 2005-2006, he was a fifth-year student studying statistical arbitrage, a form of trading that had helped young students make their first big bucks. The Fund grew to eight million dollars despite the global financial crisis. However, in 2009, the Fund was dissolved as he wanted to focus on developing an exchange trading platform.


The Finam Kirienko Stock Market is a leading operator of the Russian stock market. During 2007, Finam achieved a turnover of $130 billion, and in 2008, it reached a turnover of $109 billion. Finam does not require registration or membership to trade, unlike other stock market operators. Its services include investment in stocks, options, and mutual funds. In addition, Finam provides comprehensive support for business transactions and capital operations. Its extensive direct investment policy involves spending funds on high-tech projects. The company also formed the first high-tech mutual Fund in Russia.

Alexey Kirienko

A former student of EXANTE, Alexey Kirienko was a derivation and hedge fund expert. He has been in the business for over ten years, having started out studying Economics at Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas. He also studied statistics and game theory. He specialized in the financial markets and began investing in securities in his second or third year of college. After graduating, he and two partners opened a fund in the Cayman Islands. By 2008, they had an asset base of more than $8 million.

A few years later, he closed the Fund and focused on developing trading software for exchanges. He developed trading software for himself and other market participants but soon realized that monetizing his work was possible and a better business model. He subsequently founded his brokerage, EXANTE, in Malta. EXANTE has a division in Cyprus and Hong Kong, and in 2013, it was registered with the MFSA.

Although Kirienko is a Maltese citizen, his company has a history of scandals. His Exante broker was the subject of fraudulent allegations in 2015. Traders used insider information stolen from newswires to trade. This resulted in the temporary freezing of the company’s accounts in Malta. In December 2015, he dined with the former Maltese President, Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca.


In the Exante Kirienko Stock Market, you can trade in various stocks. Depending on your experience, you can buy and sell stocks at different prices. The price difference between the purchase and sale price of a stock determines your profit. Investing in stocks involves opening a brokerage account. It allows you to purchase and sell securities and monitor operations. You will need to be registered with a brokerage firm to use the exchange. EXANTE is an example of an authorized brokerage firm.

The Maltese and Russian-registered Exante Group include XNT LTD. It has been blocked by the Russian Central Bank in 2021 but continues to trade on the Maltese Stock Exchange. Its CEO Alexey Kirienko was seen dining with the former Maltese President Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca at the Verdala Palace in December 2015.

While not the best broker on the market, Exante has a solid reputation and offers its clients access to over 50 exchange markets through a single account. Thousands of different bonds are available for investment and currency pairs. This makes Exante an ideal platform for investors and asset managers who want access to other markets and local currencies. Andrey Knyazev, Vladimir Maslyakov, and Alexei Kirenko helped create the website.

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