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No event is successful with strategic event promotions. Event managers need to reach their audience to increase brand awareness. Event planners have to be strategic and innovative in their promotional activities to stand out among the competition. Unique promotions are a smart way to increase revenue, profitability, new leads, attract sponsors and global exposure.

Event marketing platform provides such publicity and promotional activities for their clients. This type of outsourcing makes jobs easy for event managers. Event promotion is crucial to grab the audience’s attention and to reach new potential markets. Promotional activities take a good amount of your energy, but it is all worth your time. Here are some event promotion ideas that will definitely create buzz for your events.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is aggressively growing. It has the utmost potential to make your event go trending in no time. Leverage all the social media websites you know to create hype and brand awareness. Use hashtags on Twitter, blog posts on Facebook, videos, and reels on Instagram, Youtube, and Google ads,  and every tool and method you can use to promote your events. Different social media offers different types of promotion options, so use them accordingly.

Promotional Offers

Who doesn’t love offers and discounts? Discounts and offers attract more audiences. Early bird discounts, blunk discounts, and limited offer discounts are some attractive offers you can provide to your audience. Bulk ticket purchase or advance ticket purchase offers can trigger entries on the event registration form to a new high.

Billboards and Transport Publicity

Some traditional promotion methods are still beneficial and effective. Billboards at the correct place of promotion get the most attention. Transport publicity makes the busiest place for advertising. It interests people and gets their attention. It is one of the best ways to increase curiosity among the audience. 

Email Marketing 

Email marketing is one of the ways where you can connect to your attendees on a personal level and create a strong bond with them. Customized emails make your customers feel valued and important. For example, sending customized festival greetings and sending warm wishes on their birthdays makes them an integral part of your events and brand. It is one of the effective promotion methods. 

Ads in Music Apps

These days in between, music ads are getting the audience’s attention. People are listening to songs and podcasts while traveling or doing household chores. Even in public transports, music and radios are constantly playing. So event planners are inclining towards giving promotional ads in podcasts and music apps.

Event marketing platform provides all the above-mentioned promotional activities. You don’t have to spend a large share from your pocket and still get the optimum results. 

Create a solid buzz among the audience with the help of promotional tools and methods. We ensure the success of your events with the appropriate marketing platforms. 

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