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Engagement Ring: Buying Guide To Getting Hitched

Congratulations! It’s easy to be swept up in the romanticism of preparing to propose and making preparations to buy engagement rings, but keep in mind that the diamond will likely be a sizable financial investment.

This comprehensive guide is essential if you want to shop for an engagement ring with your future spouse or want to do it alone.

Figure Out the Form You Prefer

Knowing your future wife or husband’s preferred diamond shape can significantly simplify the engagement ring search. You’ll pay more or less per carat for various diamond shapes (called cuts). The most costly shapes are rounds, while the least expensive are pears and marquises. If carat weight is your primary concern, consider looking outside the standard round cut to find similar or larger-sized diamonds at a more reasonable price. Learn about the various ring cuts and have a choice or two in mind before venturing out to search for an engagement ring.

Pick a Metal Genre for the Group

Yellow gold, white gold, silver, and platinum have long been the traditional metals for engagement rings and wedding bands. Platinum and silver have similar appearances. However, platinum is far more valuable due to its higher density (and rarer). Remember that your budget and how often you want to wear the jewellery will play a vital role in your final decision, as will the fact that certain metals scratch more quickly than others. Whether or not you want stones in the band(s) is something else to consider.

Think in Terms of Carats

Some individuals would rather have a bigger stone than a whiter stone, while others would rather have the purest diamond possible regardless of the carat count. This age-old debate applies equally to engagement rings. Size may not seem crucial at first, but it serves as a baseline since other factors, such as tone and sharpness, may be adjusted to meet your needs and budget.

Also, remember the value of an open mind. Your partner may believe they know what they want in terms of size or form, but after putting on the rings, they may decide that they desire something completely different. You may save substantial dollars if you pick a less popular carat size.

Consider How Your Engagement Ring Will Look with Your Wedding Band

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the hunt for the ideal diamond engagement ring, but it’s important to remember that the ring itself is just half (or less than half, if you’re going the ring stack way) of the equation. Your wedding band—the physical sign of your marriage—is the oft-overlooked second half. Considering the kind of wedding band that would complement your ring is essential. Some engagement rings don’t enable a band to sit flush against them, so it’s crucial to assess the whole package of prong vs. pavé before settling on an engagement ring type.

Verified Quality Products Are What You Should Always Buy

An engagement ring is one of life’s most costly expenditures, so take your time to make an intelligent selection. When you finally discover the ideal ring, be sure you are getting a certified stone from an approved laboratory such as the American Gem Society for the Gemological Institute of America. The most significant deception many jewellery companies play is using diamonds certified by other laboratories, which might have inflated grades, giving the consumer the appearance of a fantastic discount when they have bought a poorer quality diamond.

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