Endurance Sports Beginners: Don’t Forget The Essentials

If you’re getting into endurance sports, you’re probably going to gravitate towards the obvious necessities.

The bike, the fancy shoes, the stretchy shorts – but there’s more than that no matter what sport you’re partaking in.

It’s the little bit that most people do think about that can really make or break your workout, especially when you’re out on the road for hours on end.

Remember, whether it’s a 30mile trail run or a century ride on the gravel bike, little nicks and nuances can become more and more painful, eventually taking you to a breaking point.

You should have to fight with yourself and dig deep, but there are things that you shouldn’t have to be dealing with on mile 30, taking your focus away from your endurance which is the task at hand. Here are some essentials you can bring along to keep you moving:

Joint Support

Endurance sports – running in particular – can ravage your knees, so make sure you are supporting them with proper braces.

Wearing braces won’t eliminate knee pain but it will reduce it and it will also reduce the risk of injury.

You should also consider a proper stretching routine to open up your hamstrings before you set off on your exercise.

Even if you are doing more restricted movement such as cycling, warming up and loosening off the joints can be the difference between a successful ride and a torn PCL.


Snoods are incredible, need to pop into the shops? It can be a face mask, in the meantime, it’ll keep your neck nice and warm.

It can also act as a hairband or if the midges are out for blood during your rub or ride, it can be a balaclava.

It’s also an opportunity for some style too, with many great designs as well as some custom options available from brands like Club Snoods.


You need snacks to keep you going. The night before carb load will only get you so far when you’re doing day long or multi-day exercise.

A common phrase in the endurance world, but mostly cycling, is the ‘bonk’ – when your body runs out of fuel and starts declining quickly.

It doesn’t have to be big. Just a little bar or gel snack to keep you moving, something sweet that is easy to digest throughout the workout.


While yes, Garmins and Wahoo trackers tend to be about the vanity and the logs showing your efforts, they are practical too.

They will keep you on track during long rides and runs, getting lost 50 miles in is an emotional and physical disaster.

It also means you don’t have to use your phone, which can stay tucked away for emergencies if you are ever in that situation.

Soothing Cream

The one no one talks about, but an absolute essential. If you’re running or peddling for a long time there’s going to be some friction.

Make sure that you don’t have to take 3 days off of walking because of 1 day of cycling

There are creams available that you can apply to your thighs that’ll keep the horrid friction burns away through your workout – and they are a must-have.

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