Effective NCERT Class IX Math learning: Know the characteristics of qualified tutors

There are different subjects taught in school. But the one that the majority of the students all over the world tend to fear is ‘Math’. This subject is all about problem sums, calculations, figures, etc. Students are required to learn lots of formulas, understand what type of approach needs to be taken to do different sums, learn the concepts, and lots more. It can be quite confusing for those who simply fail to understand the very concept of math. For such students, the session can be boring and something that is better avoided. This is indeed a cause of concern for almost all parents whose children fail to secure good marks in the math subject. It is possible to change this particular dreadful scenario by availing. Class 9 maths ncert solutions.

Making math your favourite subject

The tag ‘favourite’ is not given to math, unlike other subjects like Arts and English. It can be noticed that only a handful seems to be interested in doing math and pursuing it at a later stage. Most students consider the different concepts in math to be tough to understand. This is perhaps because of their teacher’s ineffective teaching methods and strategies used. The truth is every teacher tends to use their own teaching methods. However, the math should be imparted properly and quality-wise. Only then can children develop a keen interest in this subject and enjoy doing it. Well-qualified teachers can completely change the idea of math being an interesting subject and not a dull or boring one. This way, the child gains knowledge in the subject and is able to score well. It is a change introduced in the teaching method by well-known faculties at the reputed institutes like Cuemath that can make a huge difference. The teachers selected here do boast of having in-depth knowledge in the match subject as well as the right teaching skills.

Characters desired in an effective and skilled math teacher

  • Effective teaching methods: The knowledgeable math teacher is one who is aware of the different concepts thoroughly. He/she should know all the unique teaching methods to handle and manage the different queries of the students. The fact is not all students think alike nor have knowledge-gaining abilities. Hence, it becomes important for the teacher to customize their solution and teaching methods to suit the individual child based on his/her understanding capabilities. Moreover, the subject should be taught in a manner that the child should grasp easily and effortlessly. Teachers should make use of the available modern tools and strategies to make the subject interesting and exciting. For this, they can opt for the audio and video route as it allows better interaction and easy as well as a quick understanding of the concepts.
  • Excellent knowledge & base: It is essential for the math tutor to have excellent knowledge of the basic concepts related to the subject. The teacher should be in a position to answer all questions posed by the child and clear his/her doubts. The math teacher needs to be highly proficient in the subject as well as be confident when imparting knowledge about the subject. This way, students can gain knowledge and also be confident in their skills gained.
  • Excellent communication skills: It is termed to be the key to have excellent interaction with children and teachers. Also, the teacher is expected to have a clear accent with proper teaching skills, thereby living up to the students’ growing expectations.
  • Passion for teaching: This is regarded to be a key factor that the teacher imparting math subject is expected to have in the teaching trait. Being passionate about the subject along with a positive attitude will reflect his/her confidence when teaching students.
  • Impressive personality: The teacher is expected to have impressive, showcase friendly nature, approachability and patience. Also, he/she is to be intelligent, smart, confident, cheerful, straightforward, and humorous.

Besides the above, the knowledgeable teacher is one who recommends ncert solutions to all students.

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