Easy Steps to Plan a Virtual Escape Meet

Are you looking for things to do in Chicago with teens these days? There is not much to do especially ever since the pandemic took over but the good thing is that you have a virtual escape room that offers services similar to some of the best orange county escape rooms that are there.

In case you are also looking for a rush, read the blog till the end to know how you can book yourself an amazing virtual escape room experience.

Steps to planning a virtual escape meet for a team-building exercise

1. Contact the escape room staff via email, web, or a mobile number

You can begin with the first team either by dialing the registered number of that firm or you can also visit their official web page to book your slot. If you have a large group, you may need to inform the firm two to three weeks before the game day to make sure that you get the games and the time slots that you have been looking for. Some firms might get you booked without you having to wait for a couple of weeks too.

2. Choose an activity for you or your team

You have two options when it comes to the virtual world, that being, remote adventures and unlocked for teams. If possible, you can also get your team to one of the store locations of a specific firm as it will be easier for you to view the locations from there. In case you are unable to locate your city, do not worry as most of the firms are adding tons of new locations regularly.

Remote adventures

This is as close as one can get to a traditional escape room scenario. This type of method can accommodate 4 to 500+ people at one time. Large groups get divided into teams of eight and every group gets greeted on a zoom call by the games master who will provide the team with instructions, clues, and some giggles along the way. The game master will also introduce you to the game guide who is an actual person that is inside the escape room and streaming live from there. The command that your team gives to the game guide will help with the progress.

Unlocked for teams

Opposed to remote adventures, this method is based on virtuality. It is a zoom-controlled start where the teams will be split into a group of 5-7 people after they have been given instructions. The task is simple after that, the team that finds all the clues first wins. The best part about this method is that there is room for more people since nothing is happening in the real world. A game guide will always stay by your side in case you have any questions.

3. Provide the relevant details

After you have decided the kind of experience that you want and the number of people that you will be bringing in, and the date on which you want to make this happen, you will simply need to contact the event coordinators to make this thing a reality. Once all things are in place, payment will be decided and a simple manual will be sent to you on how you can join the event with relative ease.

Just like that, you are all set to have a great virtual escape room experience. These steps can help you set up your date and have a good time.

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