Does the time of the day affect the methylfolate effectiveness?

Taking medicine on time, as prescribed by your doctor, may enhance the potency and reduce the side effects of medication. And taking the correct dose of medicine and taking it at the same time daily also improves the potency of medicines. Similarly, the time of the day affects the effectiveness of methylfolate.

What is methylfolate?

Folate is an indispensable, water-soluble vitamin of the human body and a member of the B-category family. Folates are present in leafy green vegetables abundantly in nature. Folic acid supplements are also available to replenish its deficiency. Methylfolate is a bio-functional form of folate that works in your body, particularly the brain.

Folate and folic acid are turning into methylfolate with the help of the MTHFR enzyme. Methylfolate comes in different types and has more bioavailability than folic acid. It kicks off many biological functions including, methylation, neurotransmitter generation, DNA, RNA synthesis, etc.

Why should you take methylfolate?

A question must come to your mind why should I take methylfolate, and why is it inevitable for my life. Not only methylfolate but all nutrients are also essential for your body because they are involved in those pathways that produce vital chemicals in your body.

Methylfolate can have the capability to cross your blood-brain barrier, reaches to brain area, and participate in various mechanisms, including the generation of neurotransmitters that modulate your mental health; make you happy and active. Thus, it is prescribed to treat major depressive disorders.

If you are pregnant, you should use methylfolate because it optimizes the development and growth of your baby. It also protects your infant from neural tube defects.

The presence of methylfolate makes possible the degradation of homocysteine, producing methionine and cysteine. You are at risk of heart diseases if you have a high homocysteine level in your blood.

If someone carries the MTHFR gene mutation, methylfolate is mandatory for them. Their body is deficient in the MTHFR enzyme that is required to change folate into active form methylfolate. Methylfolate supplements are available in the market.

Thus, there are many reasons to use methylfolate. Please, first consult your healthcare, then use methylfolate according to their prescription.

Does the time of the day affect the methylfolate effectiveness?

Yes, time of the day is the main factor that influences the effectiveness of medications. Follow up, all the instructions and precautions directed by your doctor because they understand your body conditions, which type of medicine, and what time is suitable for the effectiveness of medications.

The institution Centers for Disease Control and Prevention evaluated that not taking the correct dose of medicine at the prescribed time is responsible for nearly 50% of failure in disease treatment. You may clearly understand the worth of time of the day in disease treatment.

The dose of methylfolate may vary for different types of diseases. For the treatment of depression and megaloblastic anemia disorders, its dose is prescribed between 7.5 mg to 14 mg/ day. And for the treatment of renal and hepatic impairment, doctors prescribe 40 mg per day.

You can take this medication in the morning or at lunchtime; you can also use it in the evening or night if your sleeping habit is not affected. Please, keep in mind that taking this dose at the same time every day; results in enhanced methylfolate effectiveness; you may find better results and recover readily.


Methylfolate is an inevitable chemical that is needed to kick off different mechanisms in your body. While your diet is not enough to fulfill its needs in your body, doctors recommended taking methylfolate supplements to meet the demands of your body. Therefore, it’s necessary to take a methylfolate dose at the same time daily because the time of the day affects the methylfolate’s effectiveness.



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