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Do You Want to Dare? Renew Your Look with Hairstyles in Lace Toupee

You’re one of those people who love to be daring and experiment with new styles, aren’t you? Or do you have a lace toupee that, over time, has lost its shine, curl definition, volume or even a few strands of hair and is already showing signs that it’s time to go to waste? How about renewing your hairstyles by ordering the toupee from cheap hair replacement system supplier? Up-up the strands with simple styling can be beneficial for your look, your pocket and the logic of recycling. Learn how to do it!

Super stylish buns

Passionate about stylish buns, bet on smooth lace men’s toupee wholesale. The hairstyle is simple and “no secret”. As an ally, use a head dummy easily found in cosmetic stores and style it directly. You can tie your hair even without a clip. The trick is ideal for those who got involved when cutting their toupee and ended up un-evening some strands or saw their lace lose volume and naturalness over time.

If in your case it is the curly lace that is already a little worn out, the solution is to bet on super stylish tails and side hairstyles. You can use the whole toupee as a tail, if the problem is volume, or even take advantage of two laces giving rise to a well-crafted and sophisticated bun.

Practical and versatile braids

Do you have a more sophisticated event to go to or do you want to play with the look in your routine? Cover it with braids that will give your hairstyle a romantic and cool look. This hairstyle can be done with the lace already placed on the head and consists of simply pulling strands from the top of the hair and braiding it to the ear, securing with a clip at the end. The result is impressive!

Amazing sashes, tiaras and accessories

The lace toupee is already an accessory and better not to style it with any accessory, right?! Wrong! You are super allowed to play with sashes, tiaras, flowers, bandanas and even turbans when wearing your toupee.  You may use beautiful ribbon of flowers to make one of her electrifying shows.

Cutting the toupee lace at home

This topic is controversial! When talking about synthetic threads, the cut becomes much more complicated and very different from the simple procedure.

Some people have had success in simple cuts, just thinning the ends that left the lace toupee with its older appearance.

The people, who want to rock with different types of lace toupees, don’t bet on the cut when they want to change. Trusting in what is safer, it bets on hair styling without the help of scissors. When it’s smooth, just curl up. If it’s wavy, just fix the cut.

How often to wash the lace toupee

They are more resistant to damage caused by use – sweat, dust, capillary movement. They are more sensitive to washing, the laces do not need to be washed with each use, but the ideal frequency of cleaning is at the user’s discretion, depending on the chosen hair texture.

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