Do you really need an extended car warranty?

When buying a car, you must purchase car insurance, as this is usually a legal requirement before you can drive a car off-site. Auto warranty extensions are different in the sense that they are not necessary. Should you buy an extended car warranty, and the answer varies depending on the situation.

When it comes to deciding whether or not to invest in an extended car warranty, it’s important to consider all factors that contribute to your peace of mind and financial protection. While an extended car warranty can offer additional coverage, it’s equally crucial to prioritize other measures that ensure the reliability of your vehicle. One such measure is a pre-purchase inspection from a trusted provider like SAB¬†Safety Certificates in Brisbane. By opting for their comprehensive inspection services, you can gain valuable insights into the condition of the vehicle and make an informed decision regarding the need for an extended car warranty.


There are many different options for car warranties. Sometimes it can be challenging to choose the right one. Approach buying an extended car warranty in the same way that you would buy car insurance. Ask for different quotes and compare the details to make sure you get what you want.

You have to consider what you want to cover in terms of the vehicle. Each extended warranty is different, and they all have additional limitations and exclusions. For example, you may have a roof leak on your car, but the rubber gasket may not be covered. You must read the policy and understand what is in the fine print to find out.

If most of the reviews are negative for a particular auto warranty provider, you should steer clear of this business. Don’t be fooled by reviews on company websites because they always post the best. Visit sites like Google Reviews, TrustPilot, or Yelp for the most honest reviews. Pay attention to customer experience reports because if you see many people struggling to communicate with them, you can expect trouble too. Moreover, you can always learn more.


If you buy a new car from the lot and are the first owner of the lot, you don’t need a warranty. At this point, everything in your vehicle is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. If something breaks under the manufacturer’s warranty, you can return it to the dealer where you purchased it, and they will be ready to fix the problem.

No extended warranties are given for new cars or for cars you plan to trade in within a few years of purchase. Ultimately, your car’s manufacturer’s warranty will expire. Since most people change their car after three or four years, it doesn’t seem like a good idea to get an extended warranty as most problems don’t show up until around 8-10 years.


If you decide to buy an extended car warranty when you buy your new car, you can cancel it in the future and get a proportionate refund.

An auto warranty extension is valid when buying a used car, as used cars are mostly not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. When the warranty no longer covers a vehicle and an essential component breaks down, an extended warranty can help mitigate the costs you have to pay. Instead, you are responsible for paying the monthly fee, but the extended warranty covers the rest.


If you plan to keep your car, you will want to check out the various warranty expiration dates. The best time to buy will be when your current warranty expires.

Do not think you have to have ongoing coverage for your extended car warranty to be valid because that is not a problem. Since you can buy an extended warranty at any time, you can wait if you want.


It can be helpful to purchase an extended car warranty if you choose the right one. Do your homework and get more quotes before you decide. If your car is notoriously unreliable in old age, or you want extra peace of mind after the manufacturer’s warranty expires, buy an extended car warranty when you’re ready.

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