Do Rolex Submariners Hold Their Value? 

It’s important to know that watches don’t belong to the same class, and even for the premium brands, Rolex Submariner is in a class of its own. It’s an iconic handpiece that is meticulously created, and which is preferred by the rich and the mighty of the world. The Rolex name represents luxury, and prestige and those who wear it have an inner sense of pride in their highly prized timepiece.

But the question that many people ask is- does Rolex Submariner hold their value? We believe it holds, and this article will explain to you why.

Rolex Submariner as an Investment

Bonds, stocks, and gold are among the most preferred investments for the rich, but what about high-end watches such as Rolex Submariner? Rolex is among the most recognized and valuable brands globally and ranked at position 7 on the Forbes list of 2019. After its introduction into the market in 1953, mainly for military divers, this brand has grown to be reputable for status, class, and style.

Fashionable looks forever

Rolex submariner is a subtle and intelligently designed watch that doesn’t only look amazing for certain occasions. It’s got a large 40mm case which makes the watch visible even to dives and also see its functions easily. The rotating bezel, which is also another function for divers is manufactured using high quality and scratch-free ceramic, in a process that is patented for  Rolex. This is a watch that works, and which has been designed to fulfill a purpose and complete a job.

The overall looks of the premium watch are just among the reasons why the watch has managed to hold its value over time. The casual and sporty appearance looks amazing for every occasion, no matter the style. It’s easily recognizable on celebrities’ wrists and icons of pop culture among others. Rolex Submariner, at its best, can be described as a tool watch that brought about a massive transformation in men’s fashion.

The Movement

The watch’s movement is powered by natural movement, which is run by very tiny engines that were perfected many years ago. The mechanical movements have been hard to replicate, and this is one of the reasons why owners of this watch can easily pass this watch to their future generations in perfect shape.

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The Models

Since its introduction in 1953, Rolex watches have undergone immense transformations, and most of them have helped improve the functionality of the watch while also making it more appealing. However, some models, such as the Bond models will always have a resale value that is higher than their original prices.

The Value

 The extraordinary designs, legendary reputation, and heritage that are all incorporated in Rolex Submariner add to making this watch hold or increase its value over time. The sporty appearance of Rolex, which is iconic works for roles submariner.


Even when not talking about the robust market for faux watches, the demand for the best dal that the best watches offer has kept Rolex innovating exciting improvements to the Rolex submariner. This has put collectors in panic mode and is scrambling to have the latest and the greatest version of this timepiece.

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