Dissertation proofreading is not only about reading your document

For every student, with my personal experience, dissertation writing is the most difficult task during their student lives. It is the kind of work that they have never done before. But it is not just the factor of being new and different that makes it difficult; dissertation writing in reality is quite a demanding task, and mind-boggling too. But I don’t mean to scare any student out there by telling this.

In fact, I will share my story of dissertation writing, especially my experience of how I dealt with the issue of proofreading. This, I am sure, will help many students who are struggling now with completing their dissertation within the given due date.

When I was Assigned My Dissertation

I remember it was the last semester of my Masters Degree program when our professor told us that we have to write a dissertation paper. Some students did have a little knowledge about what type of work this is, but most were clueless like me. We were asked to select a topic we liked and get it approved by our professor before beginning to work on it.

I Found It So Lengthy

Since I was a Literature student, I chose to write my paper based on the works of the famous female writer Jane Austen. When my topic was approved, our professor told us in the next session that we have to write a dissertation paper of 5,000 words. I was baffled. And we were told that in most degree programs, a dissertation of 10,000 words is required. This word count was nowhere close to our routine assignments.

It was Time-Consuming

Our professor guided us to start working on it right away. We had approximately 6 months to cover our work. But our professor said that even this much long time would not be enough if would not carry out our research work on a daily basis, while separately assigning proper time to it.

The Formatting Style was a New to me

We were told that the huge word count is not our only hurdle towards completing our work. We were introduced to many different format styles of writing a dissertation paper. MLA and APA were the most common styles. And we were asked to write in MLA format.

Great Research was required

Into the bargain, dissertation writing required great amounts of research. We had to consult primary and secondary sources related to our topic and then write. Each and every sentence was produced after a substantial effort.

How I Managed it All

I looked for ways to complete my dissertation in a very short time. I first decided to purchase dissertation from some reliable dissertation work services present online. I found many good options. But then I decided to continue my own work since I had already done the core research on my main arguments, and I felt like I could write a paper on it myself.

Delaying the Work was My Worst Mistake

Despite my professor’s strict guidance about not wasting time and starting early, I ended up procrastinating. This, I know, is a common thing among students. But trust me when I say that this was the worst mistake that I made in the way of dissertation writing. It is really not something to be taken lightly. And when the deadline approached near, I panicked! I had left with no time for editing and proofreading.

My Earlier Conception about Dissertation Proofreading

Since I was extremely interested in my area of work, I somehow was able to complete the dissertation writing in the limited schedule. I tried my best to follow the proper format too. I felt confident about my work.

I thought that I just have to read out my writing by my own self, to correct my grammatical mistakes and format errors. But then I realized that proofreading is not only about reading but also correcting the spelling, connectivity, and sentence structure.

Sharing my Dissertation with a Friend for a Second Opinion

I had this gut feeling of asking a friend for his opinion. He then asked me whether I have checked for plagiarism too. I obviously hadn’t. He even pointed out a few grammatical and format errors.

Now, I was really worried about whether I did my work properly. Just the previous day I was content with my dissertation paper, and now it seemed like what I was confidently carrying as my final draft was actually a work filled with many mistakes that are not easy to detect.

My friend told me that many times students lose a lot of grades just because of these tiny mistakes. I didn’t want all my efforts to be ruined because of any silly mistake. I knew I could ace in this work if my paper was properly proofread.

What I did to Proofread My Dissertation

As I had already read my dissertation, and my friend read it too, and I was still doubtful whether my work was yet correct from all angles or not, I finally decided to seek professional help. I looked it up on the internet. I found many professional online services that offered proofreading assistance. They not only corrected the grammatical and format mistakes but also strictly checked for plagiarism too.

What was the Ultimate Solution?

Further, I selected a UK-based firm for my professional assistance. It was very reliable, but I had to look into the matters of money too, as I was just a student and didn’t have much. But their dissertation proofreading cost UK was quite reasonable. Since such services are mainly made for the student’s assistance, they are never a toll on your wallets.

I was extremely happy with their work, as they highlighted and corrected many mistakes which had slipped my attention. Since my dissertation required textual evidence too, I was previously very doubtful about plagiarism. But they tackled that issue too and made sure my similarity index was low enough, and my work would in no manner be close to any sort of plagiarism. Simply, they perfected my dissertation by all means.


Thus, to conclude my story, I would emphasize for all students out there that dissertation writing is not a piece of cake, and it is a task in which small mistakes could greatly affect your scores. Just reading your work might not help you eliminate all the errors. It’s always good to seek professional online assistance, especially with a limited time, when your pre-exam anxiety could obscure your mistakes from your own eyes.

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