Discover why you Need to Invest in Alcohol Stocks

Have you ever thought about how you could spice up your investment portfolio? What sort of stocks or companies would actually make you excited to invest in? Have you ever considered investing in alcohol stocks? 

Seriously! It might sound a little silly at first, but alcohol stocks are very real, and there are a lot of sound investment principles that make them worthwhile investments. Besides, it’s always fun to invest in the party! In all seriousness, the alcohol stock market offers a lot of potential to investors, both new and experienced, without the risk presented by a lot of other trendy investments that exist in today’s virtual marketplace. 

Before investing in another tech company, mobile app, or cryptocurrency, think about investing in alcohol stocks. The data might surprise you.

Market Stable

One of the most compelling aspects of alcohol stocks is the fact that they’re relatively market stable. This is because of the way that they operate within the market compared to other assets. The value of alcohol stocks is influenced by a different series of variables than the majority of the marketplace. 

This gives them an advantage in a volatile marketplace that’s dominated by tech start-ups chasing the new Apple, Facebook, or Bitcoin. Not that there’s anything wrong with investing in tech start-ups. However, the market is a bit oversaturated with a wide variety of tech companies vying for financing, marketing, and visibility. Meanwhile, the alcohol marketplace is not as overpopulated.

Portfolio Diversification 

One of the first rules of investing is diversifying assets. Portfolio diversification is an extremely important part of financial investing. The main concept behind portfolio diversification is to balance out the portfolio with losses and gains. In the situation that one group of assets loses value, theoretically, another group of assets grows in the same amount or more. The best case scenario is that all of the asset-groupings grow together and the portfolio thrives. 

Though this is slightly unrealistic given the reality of the economy. Portfolio diversification happens in a number of ways, between high risk and low risk stocks, long-term and short-term assets, tangible and intangible assets, and other variances as well. Creating a diverse portfolio is a bit of an art-form, but when done well can perform exceptionally in the ever-evolving  marketplace. 

Tangible Assets

Another advantage that alcohol stocks have over many investment options is that alcohol is a tangible asset. In other words it is something that has value in and of itself. This is an important differentiation between alcohol stocks and other options in the marketplace. Other tangible assets include things like real estate, gold, and lumber. 

This means that adding alcohol stocks to your portfolio instills a baseline of value that will be retained for years to come, regardless of market activity. Additionally, because most fine wines and fine spirits take years to properly age, these are assets that grow in value steadily over time. This insulates a portfolio with a certain level of expected growth. 

Tangible assets are an important piece of any diverse investment portfolio that wants a secured base value that offers some level of recession resistance. 

Non-Traditional Financial Assets

Finally, alcohol acts as a non-traditional financial asset. This indicates that the factors that influence the value of alcohol stocks vary tremendously from those that govern the rest of the marketplace. The s&p 500 and the DOW Jones are both influenced by how the overall economy is performing. 

Alcohol stocks, on the other hand, march to a different beat. Rather than factors that influence the majority of the market like company growth, profitability, and other financial indicators, the value of alcohol stocks depend on age, consumer taste, crop yield, and other environmental factors. This too, contributes to their recession resistance, making them an attractive option for any level of investor. 

A Quick Summary and Recap

There are countless investment options in today’s marketplace. From tech start-ups that span a whole range of fields and industries, to mobile apps, VR, A.I, cryptocurrency, NFT’s, cannabis operators, the list goes on, and on, and on. Yet, an investment portfolio doesn’t have to be all work and no play. Or rather, why not turn play into work? Alcohol has been around for centuries and longer, and it’s going to continue long into the future, too. 

The longevity itself makes alcohol, fine wines, and fine spirits a strong investment opportunity. On top of that, the alcohol market offers a fun way to invest in tangible assets that grow steadily over time, build recession resistance into a portfolio, and retain value through volatile economic events. 

Whether you’re just getting started with investing, you’ve been at it a long while now, you’re just doing it for fun, or you’ve built a career out of it, investing in alcohol offers a lot of potential with very low risk, and is well worth looking into.

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