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Discover the Most Popular Wedding Dresses for Summer

Summer is the ultimate time for weddings. You have all of your invites hanging on your fridge and marked in your phone calendar. Celebrating with friends and family at weddings can be a special time. They are also the times you get to wear a cute dress and dance the night away with some of your favorite people. So what are the most popular dresses to wear this summer at weddings? Even if it isn’t your wedding, you still have to show up in your best wedding dress. There are so many styles, colors, and patterns to choose from for your summer wedding dress. What wedding dress will you show up in this summer?

The Andee Dress

If you are looking for something a little longer and with a halter neckline, then the Andee dress is the perfect summer wedding dress. It has a side slit for easy movement on the dance floor, and an open back for top notch style as well as staying cool on the hot summer days. Its floral pattern is perfect for that summer vibe you are looking for. It also ties around the waist and flows around your legs to emphasize your waistline. You can match it with a pair of neutral heels and gold jewelry to bring out the gold flowers in the floral pattern. If you don’t want floral, you can easily get this dress in a solid color that works for you.

The Juliette Dress

If you like floral but are looking for a different style than the Andee dress, the Juliette dress is another great option for a summer wedding dress. Featuring a slim fit throughout the bodice, it also has a relaxed skirt that gives room for movement and air on those hot summer days. This dress runs at mid-length with adjustable straps to give you the perfect fit. You can get this dress in different patterns and colors. There are a few different floral designs, polka dots, and solid colors. If you like a more form-fitting dress around your chest and back but loose around your legs, then the Juliette dress is perfect for this summer.

Hedi Silk Dress

Green is in, and the Hedi silk dress is on top of the hottest trends for the summer. This dress features a deep v-neck and a tie around the waist that you can detach if you prefer.. The kimono sleeves and high slit allow for breathing room throughout the day. This relaxed dress with silk fabric meets the comfort goals you might be looking for in your wedding dress. If you are looking for a dress that doesn’t take much effort to look good, then the Hedi silk dress is for you.

The Veria Silk Dress

You might want to get in line for the Veria silk dress. This dress features floral from head to toe with halter neckline and maxi dress length. The halter wraps around the front chest and ties in the back. With its open back and fitting waistline, it pulls off a formal look with style and comfort. The summer floral pattern is light and unique making it the ideal wedding dress for this summer.

The Rosi Dress

Looking for a dress that is a little more versatile? The Rosi dress can be dressed up for weddings with its cap sleeves, ruffles, and a triangle open back. With its midi length, you can dress it up with a pair of heels and with either gold or silver accessories. Or, dress it down with a more casual sandal and light on the wedding accessories. Having a dress that is flexible for your summer days is perfect for the different occasions you might be attending throughout the summer. Who doesn’t love a dress you can wear more than once?

The Twilight Dress

If you are going for the look of confidence, the Twilight dress will have you showing up to the scene. The tie straps, open back, and fitting torso highlight all your best features. It also has a side slit and the bodice as some stretch to give you the necessary breathing room for the summer and the dance floor. This dress comes in a variety of patterns and colors so you can easily pick the best one for you. It works with a strapless bra or you can go without if you prefer. With the tie straps, you have the freedom to adjust as needed.

The Violet Dress

If you are an off-the-shoulder kind of gal, then the Violet dress is going to be the top pick for your wedding dress this summer. It has a full skirt yet a fitting waistline for movement with structure. The loose fitting off-the-shoulder-straps give a more relaxed look and show off your upper back. With a sweetheart neckline, you are giving off all of the romantic vibes.

Your Summer Wedding Dress

Now that you have all of your weddings marked in your calendar, you can pick the ultimate summer wedding dresses to wear to each one. Whether you prefer a halter neckline or off-the-shoulder straps, you can pick the best fit for you so you can feel confident at each summer wedding. You can enjoy a floral pattern, a silk fabric, or a solid color for your wedding dress that encompasses your most favorite look for you. Don’t miss out on the most popular wedding dresses for this summer.

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