Digital insurance: it can be that simple!

Accidents are always a burden. And that is already big enough without you running into problems with your insurance because the accident happened outside of working hours or the processing is taking too long.

But what can you do – insurance involves a lot of bureaucracy, right?

Not correct!

Because there is another way. Nowadays in particular, you can take advantage of the advances in digitization. Because it is also finding its way into the insurance industry, in the form of digital insurance.

Definition: InsurTech

The amalgamation of insurance and technology is called Insurtech.

Insurtech = Insurance + Technology

In short, this means that certain processes in the insurance sector are digitized and thus improved for providers and customers. For example, you can manage your insurance coverage in real time and adjust the offer or simply cancel it without any further effort.

This is why digital insurance is also known as “insurance to go”: You can take out and adapt it quickly and flexibly and you have access to it not only via PC but also via smartphone and apps.

Why digital insurance?

Digital insurance is not a trend that will eventually disappear and you will end up without insurance. Instead, they seem to be replacing “analog” insurance, step by step.

Old-fashioned insurance

Above all, the providers of digital insurance want to eliminate the negative aspects of previous insurances. This includes, for example, the effort and all the paperwork associated with insurance.

In addition, with a “normal” insurance you are bound to the office opening hours and working days, which is why you are lost or inflexible in the event of a claim.

In general, an analog insurance is very complicated, bureaucratic and time-consuming , especially if you want to change insurance conditions that affect your premium and the assessment of your risk factor.

Flexibility for the customer

This is exactly where digital insurance comes in, which wants to positively influence the way you deal with insurance through simplicity, user friendliness and a corresponding design . You can also wait a lot more from digital insurance providers:

  • Time and location independent round-the-clock support
  • More flexible contracts, as changes to the insurance are possible at any time and in real time
  • Damage reports directly via the app
  • Faster processing of your insurance claim
  • More favorable insurance conditions

InsurTech companies take care of many different types of insurance, even sensitive issues like insuring your health to insure your tractors. Details are just one click away:

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