Different Types of Podcast Advertising for Businesses of All Sizes

Deciding on the best type of podcast advertising can be a task, and the specific challenges you face will depend on your business size.

That said, the podcasting experience remains similar, especially when you use a Podcast Advertising Marketplace for Podcasters. Using an excellent hosting site levels the playing ground between the bigger brands and small brands struggling with low target audiences and engagements.

The following article will discuss the different types of podcast advertising and explain how to optimize ad placement.

Types of podcast advertising

There are two major podcast advertising types: pre-recorded and host-read ads. While both ad styles could be scripted or non-scripted, their differences lie in how they are produced.

Pre-recorded ads

From the name, pre-recorded ads represent business adverts recorded by the brand and sent to the show host. Businesses that own an internal company podcast can also taraftarium24 use pre-recorded ads since they only have to insert them somewhere between the podcast episode.

Moreover, pre-recorded ads are sometimes called radio-style ads when you consider their resemblance to the jingle adverts on popular radio shows. Some brands prefer this type of podcast advertising since it sounds very professional.

Host-read ads

Unlike pre-recorded ads, host-read ads are advertisement content the hosts read out themselves. It is very much different from taking an ad file and placing it somewhere during the podcast.

Host-read podcast advertising feels more personal and almost like a recommendation by the host. While some brands prefer pre-recorded files for sounding professional, host-read enthusiasts believe “announced adverts” from the host promise higher conversion rates.

Other forms of podcast advertising

Let’s check out some other forms of podcast advertising different from the ones discussed above.

Sponsored ads

Sponsored ads are longer business adverts that take more than a few seconds or minutes. This type is sponsored by a brand that reaches out to a podcast and will often be longer since they provide more in-depth product information.

Hence, sponsored ads can appear as interview podcasts or have a guest speaker from the sponsor explain the advertised brand.

Host-endorsed ads

Host endorsement ads are a similar but different podcast advertising method compared to host-read ads. Host endorsements are often more personalized, and the host does much more than just read a script to announce the adverts.

An excellent example is a host narrating their experience using the advertised product or service. They give a unique view and leverage their credibility to convince the listeners to buy. That explains why host-endorsed adverts are typically more expensive.

Placement styles for podcast advertising

Remember where we said the pre-recorded ads are placed during your business podcasts? There are three different podcast ad placements, and the one you eventually choose depends on the agreement with the podcaster. But you should know that advert costs differ for each ad placement spot.

1.   Pre-roll ads

Pre-roll ads have the advantage of catching the listeners’ attention since the podcast is at the beginning. But this could be a disadvantage as the audience could try skipping or miss out if they don’t pay close attention from the start.

2.   Mid-roll ads

Many businesses usually opt for mid-roll ads because the audience listens most in the middle of the episode. That means fewer chances of skipping the ads or missing them.

Moreover, mid-roll ads could serve as a break on an engaging podcast show. It sounds unique, and listeners don’t usually complain, provided it is a relevant ad. Otherwise, it could come off as intrusive.

3.   Post-roll ads

Podcast advertising using post-roll ads means placing the adverts near the show’s end. It is like playing the recorded ad as you round up. However, it has a significant disadvantage — you lose out on those listeners that do not listen to the whole episode.

Therefore, an effective podcast promotion strategy for post-roll ads promises the listeners a reward at the show’s end. You could offer promo codes along with the business advert.

Delivery methods for podcast advertising

This section explains the different podcast ad delivery methods. They are two: baked-in and dynamic podcast advertising.

Baked-in ads

Have you ever listened to a podcast show that always starts with a sponsored advert, regardless of the episode? That could be a baked-in ad.

We refer to baked-in adverts as evergreen ads because they take a permanent slot in every podcast show episode. It is like embedding an advertised jingle that always plays at a particular point during the podcast. Subscribers get used to them and see them as part of the show’s branding.

Dynamic ads

Dynamic ads offer more flexibility than baked-in ads because they don’t appear on every podcast episode. The host only inserts them on podcasting topics that might be very relevant to that business advert.

However, there is a technology some podcasting platforms use called dynamic ad insertion (DAI). The programmed technology uses targeted audience data like the listener’s device and location to determine the suitability of the advert for them. People also refer to dynamic ads as audience-based podcast advertising.

Payment models for podcast advertising

Finding a podcast to advertise your business requires negotiating payment terms and conditions. Here are the three podcast ads payment models.

Cost Per Mille (CPM) model

The cost-per-mille podcast ads style is priced for every 1000 thousand downloads or views that a featured podcast advert gets. It is common with big shows with a large audience.

Affiliate model

Podcast shows can request payment on a pay-per-commission basis, and many sponsors usually prefer this method. Depending on how many sales the host makes, advertising costs aren’t always that high. But it could be a loss to the show host if nobody buys using their affiliate link.

Value-based model

The value-based payment model pays the shows for every episode featuring the business ad regardless of the number of generated impressions or downloads. It is excellent for smaller podcasts with a smaller audience.


A proper understanding of the different types of podcast advertising helps in effective planning and business promotional strategy. Further knowledge of the podcast ads delivery methods and placement styles is also helpful.

This gives podcast hosts and prospective sponsors an idea of how to negotiate advertising costs. With the right knowledge and approach, any small or large business can use podcast adverts to reach more target audiences.

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