Different Types of Chillums Found in Head Shops Online

Often called a hand pipe, a Chillum is a pipe for smoking cannabis. The classic one, which is still very popular, is hollow like a pipe, and it has a conical or a square shape. Modern chillums still look like pipes but have encasings. It is easy to use a chillum no matter its design. Once you pack your substance into one end, apply heat to the outer side of the pipe with your lighter.

Inhale from the other end. Some chillums have a hole close to one end called a carburetor. This hole allows the air to enter the pipe, preventing the smoke from turning stale. Most people buy their chillums from an online head shop they can trust. They find it in different types, which we will discuss next. Before we do, below is a brief history of a chillum pipe.

History of chillums

Did you know that chillums are some of the oldest smoking devices? History shows that the first chillum originated from India in the 18th century. Pipe smoking was a religious practice rather than a leisure activity then. The record indicates that Lord Shiva, The Destroyer of the Worlds, may have smoked marijuana, and those who believe in him still use chillum to smoke weed in his honor.

In North America, the native tribes may have begun the habit of smoking with pipe devices. Again, these tribes smoked pipes during spiritual or cultural ceremonies. However, European settlers who came to America may have begun the culture of smoking weed for recreation. All ancient people made their pipes from natural materials like reed, clay, and wood. Today these tubes are made from stone and glass.

The shapes and designs of the pipes have changed a great deal due to technology growth. Chillum pipes remain the authentic way of smoking weed, and they are cheaper than dab rigs and bongs.


Construction materials for Chillums

Wood – Even the earliest users of chillums made them with wood. Most of the current ones are wooden, and they are durable and resilient. There is a belief that wood can alter the flavor of weed when it burns, and some people may avoid wood chillums for that reason. Although wooden chillums are so reliable, they can get dirty over time. As wood is naturally porous, it can catch stains easily.

Clay – Like wood chillums, clay ones are ancient. According to history, clay smoking pipes came before the wooden ones. In India, clay was more convenient and accessible to Sadhus(Shiva devotees). The best clay pipes have a lacquer coating, making them easier to clean. Those made from uncured clay are porous and harder to clean.

Stone – These can be the best when you only want to experience the taste of marijuana. Stone does not affect the flavor of the substance like wood. Moreover, stone chillums are sturdy and durable. They also release smooth smoke and untainted flavors. Stone chillums can cool the smoke because they repel the heat. They can, therefore, be easier to handle.

Glass – Most modern chillums are made from glass. It should not surprise you since glass is easy to clean. Also, glass chillums do not alter the taste of weed. Additionally, glass pipes do not retain heat, making them easier to handle. They also come in different shapes and sizes. The only downside is that glass chillums require a lot of care. Do not drop them because they will break.

Kinds of chillums

There are a few types of chillum smoking pipes. These include the following:

  • One-hitter – These enable users to measure the amount of weed they can smoke in one standing. These devices have a bowl that can only host the amount you can burn and finish in one hit. Most one-hitters are made from wood or glass. The cigarette-like devices will deliver the actual weed flavor when made from glass. Wooden ones can change the taste of the substance. Another name for one-hitter is Tasting Pipes.
  • Dugout – These pipes look like a gaslighter. Like one-hitters, dugout pipes can only store a one-time-use substance. A dugout pipe has a rectangular shape like a lighter, except that the storage space is for the pipe and cannabis rather than gas. If you like to smoke weed outdoors, the Dugout pipe is small and portable. It is also very discreet because people would not suspect it is not lighter.
  • Fisherman’s Friend Pipe – Also known as the Monkey Pipe, the Fisherman’s Friend Pipe emerged around 31 years ago. It is also a suitable piece for travelers because of its compact and private design. It looks like a pocket knife, which means that people would not bother with it. Since it has a joint that opens and closes easily, Monkey chillum is so reliable.

As we have noted, chillums are made from different materials. The modern ones are easier to hide because they have the shapes of other familiar things. When buying a glass chillum online, opt for reputable head shops. Choose only premium quality glass chillums to avoid altering the taste of your herb. Borosilicate glass chillums have superb quality and perform well even in high temperatures. They do not break easily and can last longer.

If you do not mind the taste of wood, you can choose from a wide range of wooden chillums. Choose only hardwood chillums because they are more durable. The best wooden chillums feature rosewood, walnut, and maple. You can also choose bamboo chillums, although they are less durable than hardwood chillums.

The prices of chillums can vary widely based on the construction material, size, and design. Only you know your budget. So choose a chillum that goes well with your budget. The cheapest chillums may not be long-lasting and might be harder to clean.

Final Word

Now you know various types of chillums. If you want to find them discreetly, you can buy them online. Do not buy from any vendor. Choose a reputable head shop with a variety of smoking gadgets for cannabis users. You can pick them based on the size of your budget. However, you have also noted that each type of chillum has its pros and cons. If you want to use your chillums for many years, choose the highest quality glass or wood products. Select cheap ones if you want to test how a chillum works before getting a durable product.

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