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Different Type of Wigs:

It is assumed that Egyptians were the very first to make wigs. It does not make any difference who created them first; I’m just happy that the wigs were made! Every woman/person who knows the pain of hair loss will understand the value of a wig. Undoubtedly, wigs have found new importance in the last century Wigs are cool looking and help people to achieve the desired look without any effort. Wigs can also help in upholding your natural hairs. Different products and styling tools destroy healthy hairs naturally. As a wig wearer, I praise the advancement and up-gradation of this important beauty item. When looking for wigs, you cannot feel the quality and size of the wig. This article will help you choose the best wig that suits you best.

What a wig is?

A wig is a covering created using real human or artificial hairs. Wigs are worn by judges and priests for some specific reasons. Nowadays, wigs are commonly worn by women as a fashion statement. Not only bald people but also used by people with all hairs to change their hairstyle. Wigs are used by celebrities to enhance their look according to the latest trends.

Varieties of wigs available in the market

Wigs are made using artificial hair, real human hair or a mixture of real human and animal hair or synthetic hairs. You can find wig of any type you want such as Brazilian hair bundles, straight and many more. Sheep, agora rabbits and horses are a few of the most known sources of animal hair. Hairs of these animals are got through legal and humane activity.

Synthetic Wigs

Synthetic wigs are made using man-made hair which are fibres and plastic strands. Nylon and acrylic fibres are the most known for manufacturing synthetic wigs. Artificial hair technology has got advanced by creating some of the finest synthetic wigs. Some man-made hair wigs cannot be distinguished from real human or natural hair wigs.


  • Looks almost natural
  • Much more affordable than real human hairs
  • The wigs do not get tangled
  • Keeps their style
  • A large variety is available with different styles colours and shades etc.
  • Easy to maintain


  • Style cannot be manipulated
  • Shorter Life Span

Wig made using real human hair

Human hair wigs give you the comfort of wearing real hairs on your head. Real human hair can be combined with real animal hair to make a fine natural hair wig. You can find any hair type you want like blonde bundles wig or Malaysian hair wig etc. This type of wig comes with many advantages and disadvantages.


  • You can make any hairdo
  • Versatile in terms of texture color and shade
  • Much longer life span than Synthetic wigs
  • Feels and looks very natural


  • Too expensive
  • Maintaining is also a bit difficult
  • These wigs can get tangled
  • Fades faster when used dryers
  • Need some time to apply these wigs

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