Difference Between Online Courses and Live Workshops


Today, a lot of our activities have been shifted to the virtual world, which is why most companies and organizations are using online learning and live workshops as one of their teaching tools. Online learning and live workshops are used to train and teach learners of all ages to improve their knowledge, skills, and confidence. However, what is the difference between online learning and live workshops? Below, you will learn some of the key differences between online courses and live workshops.

What is online learning?

Online learning is an alternate learning process in which learners can access a course from the comfort of their home, office, and even from the library. In this type of learning, the participants are usually required to follow pre-planned lessons in order to complete their assignments. Also, to facilitate online learning, course providers prepare materials for learners, such as power points, videos, course materials, assignments, etc. You can find some of these study materials from online learning platforms, like this book by Eric Foner that helps history students with their studies. No matter what career path you choose, you will find detailed notes that will assist you in your studies. These materials are then stored on a digital platform, and participants can access them at any time.

What is a live workshop?

Live workshops are interactive sessions where participants can connect, communicate, share knowledge, and learn together. Some of the advantages of live workshops include more interaction among learners and facilitators, learner’s participation in class discussions, learner-centered learning, etc. However, there are many types of live workshops, such as conferences, live events, lectures, etc.

Online courses vs Live Workshops

The main differences between live workshops and online learning are:

  1. Live workshops and online learning have different purposes. While live workshops focus on providing new information, online learning provides an opportunity for the participants to work on assignments and provide no rush while learning a skill.
  2. Live workshops have a specific date and time whereas online learning is available at all times. Live workshops are designed and prepared to meet the specific goals of their participants, which means that they have a set of learning objectives. Online learning, on the other hand, is usually created based on the purpose of the training course.
  3. Live workshops provide an opportunity to make use of the learning material before the event. Participants of a live workshop have the chance to take notes from the speaker, download materials, etc. In online learning, the material is only available after the completion of the course.

Benefits of online courses and live workshops

Internet-based workshops and courses allow you to learn about new topics without having to worry about time limitations or travel. As you progress through the sessions, you will be able to learn new topics in a manner that is comfortable for you. Some of the best free online courses and seminars will also allow you to hone your abilities and become an expert in your chosen industry.

Some of the key areas where such learning benefits learners are:

  1. Creating a strong foundation in areas of your interest.
  2. Earning qualifications and free online course certifications, which are great acknowledgments to your skills.
  3. They can also help you keep up with technological advancements and trends.

Which type of learning should be preferred?

To choose the best type of learning, learners and learning providers must consider their goals, preferences, and learning styles. Depending on the purpose of the training, learners should consider which type of learning works best for them. For example, if the purpose of the training is to develop knowledge, learners should choose self-learning. However, if the purpose of the training is to be motivated, learners should learn through live workshops.

The growth of live workshops in the current age is not accidental and, in fact, more and more businesses are offering such learning events. The availability of online learning has made it easy for learners to opt for the most appropriate type of learning.


There is no doubt that these free online course learning will continue to gain popularity as it is one of the most convenient learning options available for busy professionals. In the current market, the availability of various courses and live workshops for learners of all age groups and education levels is growing and will continue to do so in the foreseeable future. While online learning allows learners to choose the type of learning that suits them the most, live workshops allow them to interact with peers and trainers on a personal level. Thus, live workshops are also one of the most important factors for business owners to consider in the process of training.

Live workshops are not only important for the personal development of the participants but they also help participants to gain knowledge and develop skills in their profession. Thus, this type of training should be given more attention than ever before.

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