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Difference between Lifestyle and Culture

People often make a mistake in Culture and Lifestyle. Maximum people think that Lifestyle and Culture is the same thing. But there is a difference between each other. Lifestyle is one way of living, clothing, fashion, eating, personality etc. On the other hand, Culture is a society based. Sharing thoughts, practising the same type of custom is Culture. Culture and lifestyle both also depend on somethings; like the living area, this society they belong, the weather their area has, the available food in their area etc. The difference between Culture and Lifestyle are pretty identical.

Lifestyle: Lifestyle, very person to person. Lifestyle can be differentiated by religion as well. Lifestyle is a spontaneous presentation of one’s life. It based on the daily life of people. People can change their lifestyle gradually, but it takes a lot of time. A good Lifestyle helps people to create a great personality in society. The practice of lifestyle starts with the Blossom of life. Usually, it grew naturally; sometimes, people change it with their preference, but it’s hard to change.

Culture: It’s a practice of thoughts, customs, habits transmit from generation to generation. A person can’t practice Culture is the belief of the entire society. Culture can be represented in many ways, like songs, arts, dance etc. Culture helps people to be stick with their society. It helps one to Remember one main root of life. To represent Culture, people have to practice it.

The connection between Culture and Lifestyle: Lifestyle is also a part of Culture. in Culture, many people have an individual lifestyle. Culture can influence lifestyle. Lifestyle adopts some practices from Culture. One can change one’s lifestyle, but a single person cant change culture.

Conclusion: Lifestyle and Culture are interconnected, but they are not the same thing. One is the personality and belief of one person, and another is the thoughts and practice of society. People should be aware of when they are defined Culture and Lifestyle.

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