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Difference Between Healthy Lifestyle And Unhealthy Lifestyle

The way of living is called Lifestyle. It can be people’s behaviour, personality, preference, eating etc. Lifestyle usually different from each other; Lifestyle depends on many things. It can be differentiated by area, food, personality, culture, weather etc. Like and European cannot be e same as like an African. It takes years to change a lifestyle. There are two types of Lifestyle, according to people’s health. One is a healthy lifestyle; another is an unhealthy Lifestyle.

Healthy Lifestyle: It is one Lifestyle that keeps its health well and has good control of the mental situation. Everyone should practice a Healthy Lifestyle.

Unhealthy Lifestyle: Unhealthy Lifestyle is the Reverse of Healthy Lifestyle. Who can’t keep health sound and have some issue with their manners own unhealthy Lifestyle.

A healthy and unhealthy lifestyle both depends on somethings what they are practising. Some of them are:

Diet: diet means food consumption of people who own a Healthy lifestyle always keeps healthy food on their diet, and the healthy person doesn’t have the minimum idea of a diet.

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Physical exercise: Those who aren’t worried about the health don’t think that exercise is necessary for the body.

Sleeping time: a healthy person has a routine for their daily sleeping. As an unhealthy person doesn’t have a good diet or not practising exercise, they can sleep well.

Addiction: when people need different things like drugs, alcohol, smoking, Caffeine etc., to keep the body working, it’s call addiction. Healthy people don’t like an addiction; they know that it’s harmful to the body. As an unhealthy person is not worried about their body and sometimes needs to keep them active, they help addict things. And they suffer for it after a long time of Consumption addict things.

Social life: a healthy person is conscious of society. They have communication with other peoples in society. They join in any social activity or ceremony. But who has a and Healthy Lifestyle doesn’t have communication with people and keeps Himself away from society?

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Conclusion: Healthy Lifestyle it’s good for Once people society, culture customs etc. All about people’s way of living, the good one has so much benefit at the end of the day. But bad one doesn’t have any single benefit. So it’s better for anyone that practice for Healthy Lifestyle.

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