Denver: A Perfect Place for Living

Denver is a big city, stretching from Wyoming in the north to half of the state, in Pueblo, in the south, in the Big Metro area. From west to east, the growth now extends from the once rural coniferous-evergreen, pine and mountainous, to the apartments of the Far East.

Almost every city in the United States is quite different from others, has its own lifestyle and atmosphere. If you decide to get out somewhere other than the main tourist cities, like New York or Los Angeles, go to Denver, Colorado, as you will find it quite diverse than other towns. This place also offers perfect and budget-oriented apartments for rent. Check out rental market trends in Denver, Colorado to know where you can find the most affordable apartments in the city. If you are planning to live here, you can check out Aptamigo. Just search  lodo neighborhood denver to learn more about the apartments for rent in Denver. 

This old and small town is still a little interesting and populous with immigrants from all over the place. This means that Denver, and the entire Metro Denver area, offers a wide variety of ethnic food and shopping options. Asian supermarkets are found in all neighborhoods around the central core, and the South Federal Boulevard corridor is considered Little Saigon with many very good eateries and quirky Asian shops. North Federal, a short drive away – Strongly Hispanic. There are nearby carnicerias (butcher’s grocery stores … Mexican chefs take their meat very seriously) that give way to a beautiful Spanish supermarket that will remind travelers of Cancun’s Chedraui. Here and on the avenues of the Northern Federal District, you will find a huge selection of food and authentic Mexican cowboy shops.

Large towns have sprung up between Fort Collins and Denver’s northern border in the last decades or two. I remember that before the boom, you could take Interstate 25 down that stretch and drive in the fields. The cornfields are mostly shopping malls these days, but there are sections of lovely rolling hills, especially if you take any route other than the interstate.

America is really a completely different, new world, only you don’t understand it right away.” The first impression that America made on us was the feeling of something very familiar and understandable. It seems like on another continent, but it seems that we have walked along these streets more than once and can even remember what will be around the corner.

Thousands of watched American films and TV series, read magazines, blogs and photographs have long taught us the appearance and structure of American cities.

Denver landmarks

Denver is a great city for walking, with painted pianos playing on the streets of the city and many street art in the Capitol and

Denver Museum of Art, Denver

The Denver Museum of Art is a museum in Denver, one of the largest in the western United States.

The main building of the museum was built by the architect Daniel Libeskind, which makes the building interesting in itself, both outside and inside.

Throughout the state of Colorado, “a plant that is prohibited in Russia” is legalized, so in the city you can stumble upon specialized stores, the range of which is sometimes greater than the selection in the average Russian grocery store.

There are several hypermarkets on the outskirts of the city for those who grow on their own. You can find absolutely everything in such a store – from special soil to funny garden gnomes. There are parties on Thursdays :-).

Bars and nightclubs in Denver, USA

From Denver, you can reach the Colorado Monument in just an hour by car. This is one of the most beautiful nature reserves in America, the nature of which cannot be described in words, and photographs will not convey the grandeur and impression that the local landscape produces.

It is best to rent a car and go there for the whole day – the entire park is equipped with dedicated parking lots and observation decks next to the best views and attractions. This is one of the must visit places in Denver.

We hope this article will help you to make the Denver your new home. With wide range of apartments in different areas of Denver, you can easily find apartment as per your choice and budget.

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