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Data and analysis in changes the upcoming World

Analyzes that in the 90s required considerable resources, we can today get carried out for much cheaper money – or directly in the mobile. At the same time, an incredible amount more data is stored and more data is collected in most companies than they both need and can use.

We are in a situation where companies have a lot of data, and you can achieve competitive advantages and cost reductions by organizing these. You are not even dependent on having internal systems that talk to each other because products collect data for you from almost all other systems.

I hope this article can help increase your curiosity about using data in your business. There are many systems to retrieve information from, and the selection of data is large:

  • world¬†User data
  • Marketing data
  • Transaction data
  • Delivery date
  • Customer service data
  • Customer follow-up data

These are just a few examples. Even the least analytical of us gets a little irritated by connecting information from such different sources? If everyone could set aside an hour a week to analyze both internal and external data to gain insight, look for trends and see connections, a lot has been done. A startup can be:

  1. Map out what data you have. Are the tools used optimally? Is there enough analysis and tool knowledge internally? For example, is Google Analytics set up correctly? Do you see which marketing dollars give the most leads or the most sales?
  2. Set up the data you want. What ask would you prefer to have responded? Do you have any hypotheses you would like to test? What new links between data could you wish for? Would you like to see customer behaviour related to sales?

There is a rapid development of analysis possibilities with systems that collect data from the silos and see them in context to provide a sound basis for decision-making. Maybe something can contribute to increased insight into you?

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