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Cricut Maker: Is it worth it?

Cricut is the future of crafting technology. It is an advanced computer-controlled cutter that can cut through virtually anything from fabric and felt to vinyl and cardboard. Cricut can be used to make a variety of crafts.

The machine can be operated by inputting a ready-made template such as free 3d shadow box templates. Once this is done, they will create pieces for you to assemble as your craft. There are multiple models of this device, from Cricut Explore to Cricut Maker. This article will solely focus on Cricut Maker.

You can make anything with this machine, including papercut lightbox and shadow box. But is the Cricut Maker worth its price?


While the Cricut Maker is generally used to cut through the vinyl, it is marketed as being able to cut through anything. The manufacturer also claims the machine is incredibly good at cutting fabric too.

Cricut Maker is equipped with a rotary blade that is extremely powerful and precise. The blade rolls and glides to achieve the perfect cut. The machine saves you the torment of cutting through thick materials and injuring your hands in the process. It is extremely fast and therefore ideal for commercial use.


The Cricut Maker cuts extremely cleanly, which means the whole cutting process is suitable for commercial use. Even though it is quite pricey, it comes with incredible unique features worth its price.

The machine can smoothly cut through a diverse range of fabrics and other materials. It comes with a powerful engine and is engineered to perfection. Because of the way the Cricut Maker is designed, it comes with an incredible lifespan, and it also adds to why it’s a great long-term investment.

Probably the best feature of the Cricut Maker is that it can automatically detect whether you are using the right blade for the material or not.


While the Cricut can cut through many materials, it cannot cut through a large sample. This is because of the limitation of its size. Its operating software is web-based which is why its performance is severely hindered. Another downside is that it is quite expensive, and on top of that, its knife blade has to be purchased separately, which increases its overall cost.


Cricut is an extremely useful machine with many more advantages than disadvantages. However, its purchase should only be recommended if it proves to be an absolute necessity.

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