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Create and join the TikTok group: is that possible?

With the Lip-Sync app, you can not only record short videos, add music and add effects, but you can also chat with your friends and followers by exchanging direct messages. The direct messages can be found directly below in the menu bar via the “Inbox” and then in the upper right corner via the arrow symbol. In the inbox, you can not only read and reply to the messages received but of course, also write messages to your followers. If you often write one or the other message on TikTok, you might ask yourself the question, what about group chat? Can you create a group in TikTok and thus write in a chat with several people at the same time?


TikTok is a video sharing platform that focuses mainly on music videos but not only. On TikTok, it is, in fact, possible to produce multiple types of content that allow you to give free rein to the users’ imagination. From comic sketches to lip-sync videos (videos in which the mouth moves in sync with a song or a scene from a film), you can change clothes, and you can do duets, you can proceed with the creation of musicals and ballets.

These are short-lived videos that can be easily saved to your phone and can also be shared on other social networks. TikTok content work just like the Instagram Stories, but are permanent and will not expire after 24 hours. The more likes you have on your videos, the more popular your video will be. If you have not enough likes to impress your followers, buy TikTok comments.

Chat on TikTok

To chat on TikTok with people you don’t follow, open the TikTok app and press the second button from the left in the bar at the bottom of the page (the button with the magnifying glass symbol). From here, type in the text box at the top the name or username of the person you want to send messages to on TikTok and then press the Search button. All search results will be displayed.

Find in the list the person you want to chat with on TikTok and press on their name to open their profile page and from here press on the button with three dots (next to the follow button) and in the menu that opens select the item Message. This point you can send a message on TikTok.More info for visit the site tamilmv

TikTok: how to create a group chat

In the current version of TikTok, you can unfortunately not create group chats yet. You can experience problems with individual followers in addition to text messages from videos, but it is currently not possible to send a message to in a group or to several recipients at the same time (something like a broadcast).

However, since TikTok is constantly further developed and provided with new features, it will probably only be a matter of time before the developers of the Lip-Sync app integrate a group function or group chats into the app, similar to how one does, for example, has already seen in apps such as Instagram or Snapchat.

As soon as there is more information about this and groups can be created in TikTok, we will, of course, add the information here promptly. Is there already a function with which you can create a group chat on TikTok? If so, please leave us a quick note in the comments section below this article. For more information visit here ytmp3

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