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Cosmetic surgery is the art of beauty.

“Surgery” ศัลยกรรม is to add beauty. build confidence and are very popular all over the world. Not only women Even men have undergone plastic surgery as well. Therefore, to get to know cosmetic surgery Let’s understand the basics first as follows.

What does plastic surgery mean?

  1. Made for beauty is normal people, less beautiful makes them very beautiful.
  2. It is a cosmetic surgery to enhance people with congenital disabilities or infection from accidents. or tumor surgery causing him to have a deformed shape and then decorate and enhance him to live in society happily

What is silicone?

is a chemical It is a substance formed from sand and silica. There are two types that are produced:

  1. Industrial use such as lubricant
  2. Medical use must be clean.

Silicones are divided into four types.

  1. It’s a liquid.
  2. In a sheet
  3. In a stick
  4. Looks like a sponge

liquid silicone It is not commonly used in medicine. Used in the case of a dented wound. Use a lot of silicone to pile on any part of the body. Will cause inflammation and if used to inject it will be painful.

            – Silicone sheet used as a saline pipe or used to cover the pacemaker

            – bar section Use to strengthen the nose that you want to be strong. used as a prosthesis

            – The characteristics of the sponge no production Most of them are used in soft places such as all kinds of faces, besides liquid silicone. If we use it properly and clean just have soft covering there will be no danger

How much time does it take to make details?

It depends on the type of surgery and depends on the skill of the doctor. The use time for most nose surgery is 10-15 minutes, or if the craftsmanship is meticulous, it may take 2 hours. The recovery period is 3-4 days.

each surgery Can you go home?

Surgery in which anesthetic injections or sedation can go home. Those with short-term anesthesia can go home. But if you do surgery for a long time You should stay in the hospital for at least 1 night.

When enough to know the basics as a guide Let’s continue to talk about cosmetic surgery today.

Many people try to improve their appearance with makeup. It might help to some extent. But actually the problem of shape structure skin folds skin sagging These defects require surgery to correct. Optimize the disadvantages to stand out. and beautiful according to the trend which is popularly known as “Beautiful with a doctor” with popular surgery trends as follows: moviesverse

  1. Rhinoplasty It’s something that is really popular these days because the nose is important on the face. will make us stand out The more our noses fit with our faces Will show a better personality, increased confidence. Nowadays, rhinoplasty is much easier. It takes less time to recuperate. Because the doctor has expertise in surgery. and relying on new surgical techniques Always there to support the current trends.
  2. Breast augmentation It can solve the personal feeling that your breasts are too small. Correct the sagging of the breast after childbirth which will build confidence for girls To have a better looking shape, the silicone used will have both smooth and rough surfaces. Choose where the use of silicone with a rough surface will help reduce fascia. or reduce the potential side effects
  3. Upper eyelid surgery or double eyelid surgery. Most double eyelid surgery is suitable for those who want to look better. and increase self-confidence especially those with single eyelids or those who have drooping eyelids, which can be easily divided into 2 types:

Surgery is performed in people with existing single eyelids or double eyelids, but the size of the eyelids is relatively small, known as drooping double eyelids. In this case, there is not much excess skin that needs to be removed. Popular for young people

Surgery in people with existing double eyelids, later, as they get older, the eyelids begin to fall over, causing the eyelids to look smaller.

Surgery has become acceptable. make it look harmless However, safety should be considered. Both before and after surgery because in reality surgery is surgery and every surgery carries risks, such as the risk of infection. or may affect the body in one way or another Therefore, before doing it, you should study the information carefully and choose a medical professional from a reliable institution. meet international standards rarbg date launched.

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