Conditions Cured Through Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

The human neural system is a complex network that covers all your body functions. Whether you are eating, working, studying, or just watching a movie, the system allows you to coordinate your actions and store information in the memory. Whenever you have a problem with your neuro system, especially psychological conditions, almost all your body functions can potentially be disrupted. Mindset PrTMS is a unique health facility that offers San Diego autism treatment, depression and anxiety management, and ADHD treatment. They ensure that your neuro system functions properly for you to manage other activities in your life. Let’s look at some of these disorders that they handle: 

  • ADHD

Attention-deficit hyperactivity syndrome is a condition that alters the brain’s executive and self-regulatory functions, causing you to have difficulties with goal-directed decisions, regulation of emotions, concentration, self-control, and giving attention. The problem is normally diagnosed in kids, but the consequences follow them to their adulthood. People suffering from ADHD fidget a lot, talk excessively, have interrupted conversations, make careless mistakes, forget a lot, and are impatient. Their symptoms can easily be mistaken for bad character. The main method of treatment is transcranial magnetic stimulation, which uses state-of-the-art technology to deliver magnetic pulses to the brain for electro-function improvement. The team at Mindset first ensures that they have comprehensively analyzed your brainwave activity before beginning the treatment. They then ask you a series of questions from which they analyze to make deductions on how much the condition has affected you. Lastly, they personalize a treatment plan to suit your symptoms. The treatment procedure takes six to eight weeks to be complete.

  • Depression

Depression has currently gained popularity as a world menace affecting millions of people worldwide. It is a condition that is characterized by sudden weight loss or gains, fatigue, restlessness, feeling worthless, mood swings, and losing interest in many of the activities you formerly enjoyed. The brain waves responsible for moods and emotions function differently for someone suffering from depression. Therefore, the specialists capitalize on this fact and target these specific brain waves in their treatment plans. The condition causes physical illness if left untreated. It also causes the victim to be susceptible to drug and substance abuse, alcoholism, and self-harming behaviors. The team of specialists at Mindset uses TMS and PrTMS to treat the condition.

  • Anxiety

When you face a threat, anxiety stimulates the release of hormones and neurotransmitters, which then alter the functioning of the rest of your body to cope with the situation at hand. However, anxiety disorder is a condition where your body keeps producing these hormones and neurotransmitters even in the absence of a real threat. Brain waves also flow differently when you have an anxiety disorder. TMS and PrTMS are the best methods to treat anxiety, similar to depression and ADHD.

Proper neuro functioning leads to the proper execution of your decisions and daily activities. The team at Mindset has made it their priority to ensure that your functioning is not reduced by such conditions as listed above. If you have been experiencing any of them, call or visit Mindset PrTMS today. 

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