Choosing the Best Mode of Transport to Get Around

Getting from A to B isn’t always as easy as it sounds. You need to make sure you choose the easiest, cheapest option to do so. If you’re wondering what mode of transport suits you best, you may want to follow the tips below and decide. Whether you need to get to work or need a way to get around on weekends, here are some methods of transport to consider.

Mopeds and motorbikes

Not many people think about switching to a motorbike or moped, as they may assume it won’t be right for them. But the truth is, motorcycles are suitable for all sorts of people, not just thrill-seekers.

Motorcycles are fuel efficient, allow you to zip through traffic, and can make your daily commute a lot more fun. If you often drive the car on your own, why waste the petrol? A motorbike could be a lot cheaper to run. If you’re thinking of switching, visit to see some different models and decide whether this kind of transport is right for you.


Cars are often the default option that people go for. It’s usually one of the pricier modes of transport, although finding the best budget cars is easy if you do your research. While the cost of running a car is a big downside, if you’re someone who needs to commute daily or do the school run, you may find that the cost is justified. Finding the right car for you is important, as you’ll want one that suits your budget, isn’t too big or small, and does what you want it to.

Public transport

You may assume that public transport isn’t great in your area, but you may find there’s a surprising number of options. From buses and coaches, to trains, you should check out what routes are available before you completely write-off the idea. If you don’t need to commute or get out and about very often, then using public transport might be better than having to pay monthly for a car.


Lots of us are so used to jumping in the car for short journeys, we forget that a couple of miles is still walkable. The best thing is, just a 10-minute brisk walk has many health benefits, especially if you do it every day. Some of the advantages of walking include:

  • Getting fresh air
  • Contributing to your 10k steps a day
  • Helping you stay a healthy weight
  • Helping your mental health

Next time you’re about to grab the car keys, consider whether you’d be better off taking a brisk walk instead.

When you’ve got to get somewhere, there are usually a range of options to get you there, so which one do you pick? Most of us hop in the car, but this isn’t always the best option, and you might want to consider alternative options to save yourself money and stress. Changing transport modes can be an excellent way to change your lifestyle, from getting more exercise to saving the environment, so it’s worth considering.

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