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Bar stools can not only be used at the bar. Even at home, if you have a kitchen island or high kitchen counter, you can put bar stools. You can also make your own home bar or home bar with high bar stools there too? It’s also fun to make your hangout area with friends and family. How to choose bar stools is easy and difficult. There are many aspects to consider. You can visit our website to get a color selection of backless stool.

Of course, we hope that all the furniture purchased can be used in the long term. Therefore, it is not recommended to just choose. Pay close attention to how to find the right bar stool for you!

Measure counter height

Before buying a bar stool, you should know the height of your counter. Do not get the wrong size for fear that you will find it difficult to pick up the items on the table if it is too short. Sometimes, there is a kitchen or bar counter high enough for a bar stool. Now, when you know the size, you can choose between the type of bar stool tools or counter tools. How to measure it, of course, from the floor surface to the counter surface. Measure carefully and carefully so as not to be wrong!

Count the number of benches to buy

Actually calculating how many benches to buy according to the counter size is easy. Just follow the size of the restaurant and bar industry. Measure a distance of about 1 meter from the center point of one bench to another. Remember, not from the end of the seat, but from the middle. Make sure there is a distance of 30cm from the center point of the last bench to the wall or the edge of the counter. With this wide distance, people will be comfortable sitting, drinking, eating, and chatting. In addition, they can get in and out easily without touching the person next to them.

Style considerations

You must have a bar stool whose design is still in harmony and connection with the overall concept of your home. Home decor always blends with each other, lest things look different and not on purpose. Bench made of wood matches the rustic decor of the house. While benches made of metal and plastic are usually used for homes that have modern and contemporary decorations. If your house has a classic style, it might be better to use a bench made of white wood with brown seat cushions. If you want to use a bar stool in a modern apartment, then an industrial-style metal bench will be more suitable.

Choose material

You don’t want to sit in a chair with the wrong material, do you? The material of the chair is something that must be considered and should not be careless. Make sure you also know how to clean it as a consideration before buying it. Wood is one of the most common materials for bar stools. Besides looking aesthetically pleasing, wood is also durable for seating. The bench with leather accents gives a luxurious appearance and feels more comfortable too. While a bench made of plastic or metal will look modern and also durable enough for the long term. However, plastic chairs can sometimes look cheap, so you have to be careful when choosing them.

Look for features that are essential for you

You should know there are several types of bar stools that add to your comfort. There are bar stools that have back and leg support, and there are also armrests. Find the features you really need for your convenience. There is also a wooden bench that can rotate like an office chair. Then there is the seat which is only of ordinary wood and there is also a layer of padding and fabric so that it is more comfortable. You will also find a bench that can be changed in short height. Well, this model is practical if you often sit around the kitchen. Yep, adjustable stools are not only available in the office or barbershop, but you can also choose bar stools.

Determine back support

The type of backrest on bar stools depends on the appearance and comfort you want. A bench that only consists of a seat is what people buy most often. Especially if the bench can be rotated. However, if you want a bench with a backrest, there are low-back or high-back options. The low-back bench will provide support for the back with a simple appearance like a bench without a backrest. The high-back bench definitely has the most back support. Shake or lean like whatever you will still feel comfortable with.

Check color options

Color is not really an essential thing in choosing bar stools. However, because the bench is a decoration in the dwelling, why not pay attention at all? Most bar stools come in one color only and are generally neutral in color. This is done so that the bench can fit in various places and does not look tacky. You should still pay attention to various colors and patterns. Who knows you may find something that complements your home decor. If you really want to make the bench a focal point, you can always choose a bold color or pattern!

As the name implies, this type of chair can be used at the bar. The shape is high and can be placed in your home kitchen which has a minibar concept. If your home has a kitchen with a high bar table area, a bar stool will complement the kitchen to enjoy drinks or snacks with loved ones. In addition, the seat is equipped with a footstool at the bottom and a seat with a height of 80 to 90 cm that can be rotated and adjusted in height. Now you can go to the furniture store with the relief of being able to choose the right barstools. It’s time to remodel the kitchen and add some pretty benches there!

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